Baltimore Bridge Photos And Video: Check What Is In The Pictures, Death Toll

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The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, was crashed by a cargo ship after losing control. The news has captured the attention of the people worldwide.

Baltimore Bridge Photos And Video

The Francis Scott Key Bridge over Patapsco River in Baltimore has been in the headlines after it collapsed on March 26, 2024, due to a collision with a cargo ship, Dali. The boat crashed into the bridge after it lost its control.

Aerial footage of the incident is circulating everywhere, which shows that a 985-foot vessel crashed into the bridge. Two construction workers on the bridge were rescued. Six others have been feared death.

The people are also inquiring about the crew on the ship. They are safe, as per the report. 

According to the statement of a senior U.S. official, the boat lost its power before colliding with the bridge.

There is also a report that the crew failed to control the vessel. However, the ship could send the mayday signal, allowing the bridge operators to stop the traffic from coming over the bridge.

The fire department rushed to the spot. The rescue operation is continuing on the river, and it is a serious event with a large number of casualties.

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Baltimore Bridge Pictures

Some pictures of the Baltimore Bridge have been circulating online. People are trying to search for many other images of striking the bridge. These pictures have grabbed the attention of the people.

The collapse of the bridge led to an emergency response from the authorities. Maryland Government declared a state of emergency. Baltimore Mayor has also updated his X account.

Baltimore Bridge Pictures
Baltimore Bridge Pictures

The mayor stated that he was on the way to the bridge after becoming aware of the incident. He also noted that emergency personnel were on the scene, and everyone was making an effort to bring the situation under control.

Being 1.6 miles long, the 4-lane bridge is named after the author of The Star-Spangled Banner. The bridge is the second-longest continuous-truss bridge in the United States.

People are trying to know more about the incident, and they are also inquiring about the casualties that happened in the incident. The aftermath of the incident has affected many people, as some of them lost their dear ones.

Baltimore Bridge Death Toll

The death toll after the collapse of the bridge rises to almost six. The rescue team is searching for these people in the river after their disappearance.

Emergency personnel are trying to rescue the persons and handle the situation after the incident has happened. The government is also trying to understand the problem and help the victims.

The Baltimore City Fire Department declared the collapse as a mass-casualty incident. Many people fell into the river after the cargo ship struck the bridge.

Baltimore Bridge Death Toll
Baltimore Bridge Death Toll

Aftermath of the Incident

People are praying for the victims, and many of them have extended their helping hands. They also give consolation to the family members of the victims.

Around seven people diapered from the bridge after the cargo ship struck the bridge. The rescue team rescued two workers on the bridge.

The steel of the bridge fell on the containers of the cargo ship after the bridge collapsed. Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J also spoke about the incident.

The bridge served as the primary link of transportation in the Baltimore area. It has been serving as the primary transportation passageway along the East Coast.

About the Incident

The Baltimore Bridge served as the primary transportation link. But the Singapore-flagged cargo ship container collided with the bridge. The Baltimore Bridge videos and images are circulating across the online platforms.

The bridge was 1.6 miles long, and this 4-lane bridge helped to ply thousands of vehicles regularly.

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