Justin Combs Arrested Instagram: Is Diddy His Real Dad? Also Find Details On Mom

Our research on Justin Combs Arrested Instagram will aware of the latest controversy between Justin and King Combs. Please read the details here.

Justin Combs and Diddy Combs were arrested last year and this report spread across the United States gathering everyone’s attention. We have shared all the necessary details about the trending updates on Justin Combs here.

About Justin Combs Arrested Instagram! 

Last Year, police officials caught Justin Combs as he was driving under the influence of liquor and other harmful medications. Combs who is 29 years old was taken to the police department of Los Angeles and the investigation was started. 

It has to be proven that he was under the influence and some tests were carried out to prove his guilt. After the test results were out, it was revealed that he was under the influence.

After he was arrested, every social media channel covered this update and some posts can be seen on Instagram as well. No matter if this news belongs to last year, some posts are still available.

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Justin and King Combs 2024 update! 

As per the latest reports, King and Justin Combs who are the sons of Sean Diddy Combs, the famous rapper have been arrested and the Homeland Security guards have raided their home in Miami and Los Angeles. 

His sons have been detained and their pictures in handcuffs were spread across the different news channels. The area has been shut down and the area was surrounded by helicopters and the vehicles of police.

The accusations against the two brothers were related to sensual misconduct. They have been taken into custody and investment went on.

Justin Combs Mom! 

Misa Hylton is the mother of Justin Combs. She is 51 years old American. She has been in the news after her sons were arrested. She shared several pictures on Instagram talking about Diddy and claimed that he led her sons to this path. 

She also faced some criticism, but she did not let those criticisms trouble her. Rather she said that she is only protecting her son. 

She started ranting about Sean Diddy and accused him for everything. After the arrest of her sons, a series of pictures of Diddy were posted on her account. 

As per sources, she further made remarks about the company Diddy and asked him to sell something healthy in a statement.

Justin Combs Real Dad! 

As per the online search engines, the results show that Diddy is the father of Justin Combs. However, the rumors about his father revealed that Diddy is not the biological father of Combs. 

Justin Combs Real Dad
Justin Combs Real Dad

Some online rumors revealed that Anthony Wolf who is the late bodyguard of Diddy was the biological father. However, the reports have not been confirmed officially by their team.

As per sources, this came up after a rift between the father and son. Simultaneously, a third put an accusation on the relationship of a father and son. The accusations revealed that Diddy is not the biological father of Justin Combs. 

We should not trust any rumor and wait for confirmation. The truth will come out soon. 

Interpretation from this post! 

We have covered all the valuable details from the life of Justin and King Combs. We have mentioned the facts about the latest controversy. Also, you can know about the reaction of their mother to this controversy. 

Also, the rumors about the biological father of Justin Combs should not be trusted unless it has been confirmed by the official authority. The investigation will reveal the truth behind the biological father of Justin Combs. Moreover, we do not support any rumors.

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