Ruby Franke Son Photos: Who Is Her Husband? Details On Children, Story & Evidence

The Ruby Franke Son Photos details about Children, Husband, Story and Evidence trending on internet. Follow our article to know more.

Ruby Franke, the popular YouTuber and vlogger has been the talk of the town after the accusations of child assault was made against her. The videos and photos of her son surfaces throughout the online platforms. The news did become viral in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom.

Ruby Franke Son Photos

The video footage Evidence reveals her 12 years old son who was found badly wounded on the ankles and saran wrap around the gaping. When asked about the wounds he mentioned that he is to blame for the wounds. The video also reveals her 10 years old daughter who appeared very weak. The arms were stick thin and had a buzz haircut. She initially refused to get any medical treatment but later she agreed.

Ruby Franke Son Photos and video
Ruby Franke Son Photos

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While the real evidence was the Journal entries by Ruby Frake that was discovered from their house. The journal stated how Ruby tortured her children and starved them. Besides, she also believed that they were possessed by demons and needed physical assault for repenting. 

Both Ruby Frake and her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt were found guilty for child assault and torture. The two were charged for child assault and were sentenced to imprisonment on 20th February. Each of them were sentenced for 15 years. The news about the child assault against the mommy YouTuber has sparked major debate among the social media audience. 

Ruby Franke Journal Story:

It was the Journal written by Ruby that allowed the officers to learn about the entire assault. During the investigation it was discovered that it was their religious extremism that led Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt to commit such assault. 

Ruby believed that such assault was needed to teach their children to repent for the imagined sins and to take out the evil spirits out of their body. Her husband was stunned to learn about her arrest. In June 2023, her son tried to run away from their house to rescue himself but was caught and was tied by his ankles and wrists. The news about Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt assault trends on online platforms. 

Ruby Franke Journal Story
Ruby Franke Journal Story

Ruby Franke video Evidence:

The video and photos of Ruby Franke’s son has been a buzz on internet. In recent times, the video that has made its way to social media reveals the mommy vlogger holding the camera on her hand and places her other hand around her son. The boy grins while her mother announces that they are going to celebrate his 10th birthday throughout the week. The video of her Children was uploaded on her YouTube Channel “8 Passengers.” 

Another video which was released around 2 years after the previous video. On 30th august 2023, a video again made its way to social media which revealed Ruby’s son arrives near the doorstep of the home at Red Rock Valley of Ivins, Utah. It was known that he was around 250 miles away from his own house at Springville, Utah.    

Ruby Franke video Evidence
Ruby Franke video Evidence

Ruby Franke Children assault video:

The recent video that has been amidst controversies reveals Ruby’s son who appeared in stark contrast than what was shown in the vlog. The boy appeared to be much more thinner without any shoes. The video did generate widespread attention on online platforms.

Both Ruby Franke and her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt were sentenced for child assault case. Her husband was identified to be Kevin Franke. This video went viral within 30 days after the two were sentenced in prison. The video of Ruby Franke has become viral on online platforms. 

The Ruby Franke Son Photos has been a buzz on social platforms. To know more details about Ruby Franke Son Photos, click on this link.

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