Aaron Carter Death Reason: Check Out His Biography & Age for 2024

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  • The “Fallen Idols” docuseries of Aaron and Nick Carter will make some exciting revelations about Aaron Carter’s Career.
  • Aaron Carter is a famous rapper, actor, and singer in America.
  • The recent docuseries on Aaron Carter and his brother is scheduled for 27th and 28th May (around 9 p.m. ET).

Aaron Carter’s Biography

The well-recognized rapper and singer passed away on 5th November 2022 at his residence. The now-death rapper has released several hit albums in his career. He remains the favourite of many fans belonging to the United States and Canada.  Even after his tragic death, Aaron Carter is loved by many. The now deceased singer was born on 7tyh December 1987, and he passed away too soon. He had managed to gain publicity within 10 years of his rapping career.

Aaron Carter's Biography

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Is Angel Carter Still Alive?

Angle Carter is the younger sister of Aaron Carter. Unfortunately, AARON Carter and two of his siblings passed away. However, Angle Carter and Nick Carter, the other two siblings of Aaron Carter, are still alive.  Aaron’s sisters, Bobbie Jean Carter and Leslie Carter passed away in 2023 and 2012, respectively. According to the investigation reports, Bobbie Jean Carter and Leslie Carter died due to drug overdose.

How did Aaron Carter die?

After the docuseries release of Aaron and Nick Carter, many are interested to know Aaron Carter Death ReasonThe autopsy reports claimed that Aaron Carter died due to accidental drowning inside a bathtub. The medical examination records stated that it occurred after taking alprazolam and inhaling difluoroethane.

Is Aaron Carter’s death news accurate?

Is Aaron Carter's death news accurate

Yes, the well-known rapper and singer passed on 5th November 2022. Thus, the death news of Aaron Crater is absolutely true. A lady who visited Aaron Carter’s home found him drowned in his bathtub first. Later she reported the police officers about it. After investigation, the autopsy report revealed that Aaron died due to drug intake.

Aaron Carter’s Parents & More

The below table will help to get details on Aaron Carter’s parents:-

Father  Robert Gene Carter.
Mother Jane Eleonora Schneck.
Brother Nick Carter.
Sister Angel Carter.
Sister Bobbie Jean.
Sister Leslie Carter.

Aaron Carter’s Obituary and Funeral

After receiving the Aaron Carter Death Reasonreaders should know about his obituary and funeral details. Aaron Carter is presently survived by his son and fiancé, along with his elder brother and sister.

Is Aaron Carter married?

Aaron had several girlfriends, including some high-profile celebrities.  However, later he got serious with a lady. In 2021, Melanie Martin and Aaron had a son.

Aaron Carter’s Nationality & More

  • Nationality-He held an American nationality.
  • Religion-Limited information is available on his religious views.
  • Ethnicity- currently, it’s unknown.

Aaron Carter’s Wiki Details

Aaron Carter's Wiki Details

The table will share details on Aaron Carter’s Wikipedia:-

Real Name Aaron Charles Carter.
Occupation Singer, Rapper and Actor.
Birthdate 7th December (1987).
Died On 5th November 2022.
Birthplace Lancaster, California, U.S.
Marital Status Engaged.
Son Prince.
Nationality American.
Net Worth $550 Thousand.

Aaron Carter’s Career

Began his career As lead singer in Dead End.
First Solo Appearance At the age of 9 years.
Released self-titled debut album In 1997-1999.

Know his Age, Height, and More

Height 5’8 ft.
Weight 160 pounds.
Age 34 Years.
Cause of Death Drowning.


Famous singer Aaron Carter passed away almost 2years ago. The new docuseries will reveal completed details of Aaron Carter Death Reason in more information. Also, to get more details on Aaron Carter’s death cause, click on the attached link here.

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