Kota Belud Viral Tandas: Two men injured by friends mistaken for deer

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The Kota Belud incident has been the talk of the town after two men were shot in mistaken for deer. The two men were left injured in that incident. It was known that they were mistaken to be deer. The incident has become viral in Malaysia.  

The suspect of the incident was identified to be  a 45 years old man who has been taken into custody by the Kota Belud District Police. The men’s were looking for herbs in the orchard at Kampung Gaur when they were injured. The officers were informed about the incident at 3:08 A.M. 

The victims of Kota Belud Viral Tandas incident were admitted to Kota Belud Hospital. They were receiving treatment following the gunshot wounds. The officers seized the shotgun of the suspect and was taken for further investigations. When asked to the suspect he revealed that he has mistaken the victims to be deer.

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Following the Viral Tandas Kota Belud Link incident, both the victims suffered gunshot injuries in their abdomen, legs and thighs. They were soon taken to the hospital for treatment. While investigations are going on. The news about the Kota Belud incident trends on online platforms.

Viral Tandas Kota Belud Link:

The Kota Belud Tandas video has become viral on online platforms. The two men at the orchard were shot by the 45 years old man thinking it to be a deer. The victims were looking for herbs at the Orchard when they were shot and injured.

The Kota Belud Viral Tandas incident happened at 3:08 A.M. on 23rd May 2024 at Kampung Gaur. The 45 years old suspect was arrested by the Kota Belud District Police. The suspect revealed that he thought that the two men were deer. The victims were taken to Hospital following their injuries.

The Tiktok video of the incident did generate widespread attention on online platforms. The investigations is going to be conducted under Section 8 of the Arms Act 1960. If the suspect is held liable under the Act then he will face seven years of imprisonment and a penalty not exceeding RM 10,000 or both.     

It was also advised to the public not to hold any firearms with invalid license. The two were believed to deer and was shot by the suspect. The incident has caught the attention of online audience. The news about the incident been the most discussed topic on online platforms inclduing Reddit.

While there are many online platforms that claim to provide the Kota Belud video link. However locating the correct link might be difficult. 

The Kota Belud Tandas Reddit:

The two men shot at Orchard incident has been the most discussed topic on online platforms. The incident has been trending with the title ” Kota Belud Viral Tandas.” The two went to the orchard in search of herbs while the 45 years old suspect shot the victims thinking them to be deer. 

The victims suffered injuries in their thighs, legs and abdomen. What happened following the Kota Orchard Belud has been buzzing on Instagram. The incident was reported to the Kota Belud Tandas Police officers. They arrested the 45 years old suspect following the incident.

The news about the Kota Belud Tandas incident has been surfacing throughout the online platforms. While the officers also warned the public not to carry any fire weapon with them.

The Kota Belud Viral Tandas has become viral social platforms. To know more details about Kota Belud Tandas incidnet, click on this link. 

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