Fofo Marquez Video Leaked Twitter: Is It On Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram

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Fofo Marquez, the social media influencer has been amidst controversies after he hits a woman in the street. The incident happened on 4th April when the social media personality was arrested by the officers for hitting the woman at the street of Naucalpan, State of Mexico. 

Following the incident, the chaos did gather on the street. The controversial video of the social media influencer did generate wide spread attention on internet and has become viral Worldwide. 

On 22nd February, Tuesday, the officers of General Directorate Citizen Security And Safe Mobility of Naucalpan was reported by the citizens and neighbors that the social media influencer who was travelling on that day in the metallic blue BMW truck hit a woman in the street of Naucalpan, State of Mexico. Following the car accident investigations were conducted by the officers. The influencer was soon arrested after the car accident on 4th April Thursday.

The Telegram video of the tragic incident was made viral on social platforms. The video reveals the vehicular incident at the Danta Cruz Acatlan in Naucalpan. The young influencer who was arrested was identified to be “Rodolfo N” who named himself “Fofo.”

Fofo Marquez Influencer:

Rodolfo Marquez, who is popular with the name Fofo Marquez is a social media influencer from Mexico. He has gained good fan following on his social media account including 3.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.3 million followers on TikTok.

As per sources, the renowned Mexican influencer has been arrested after he brutally hits a woman in the parking lot. Last Thursday, Fofo was transferred to Barrientos Prison in Tlalnepantla. The video of the incident has become viral on internet. 

Fofo Marquez Influencer
Fofo Marquez Influencer

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The Fofo Marquez Tiktok video:

As per sources, It features the social media influencer hitting and throwing the woman following which she received wounds on her face. As per sources, after hitting the woman, the influencer flee in his car from the parking lot area at the Plaza Brisas shopping center. 

A second video is also making rounds on social platforms. The Instagram video reveals the victim woman who described the entire incident. She revealed that when she was parking her car she mistakenly hit the mirror of the car in which Fofo Marquez was travelling. Following which he began hitting the woman. The video further reveals that two man tries to catch the influencer but he somehow escape from the place in his car.

Fofo Marquez Instagram video:

As per sources, on Thursday afternoon, the renowned Mexican influencer was arrested by the officers for brutally hitting the woman at the Plaza Brisas shopping center parking lot. Hours after his arrest, the Tiktok video of the incident went viral on internet where the influencer was clearly found hitting the woman on her face. 

As per sources, after the hitting, the woman fell on the ground. Fofo was also found trying to hit two men during the incident who tried to confront him. As per reports, the influencer hit the woman and flee from his car. The woman soon filed a complaint with the FGJEM. 

Fofo Marquez Instagram video
Fofo Marquez Instagram video

The Fofo Marquez Telegram arrest:

The cops located Fofo’s house at Santa Cruz Acatlan area and was arrested. The 26 years old influencer was found smiling in the snap taken inside the patrol vehicle following his arrest. He was found sitting between the two cops. 

As per sources, Fofo Marquez Influence was dressed in Bunny Sweat suit and Louis Vuitton sneakers. A photo of him again went viral in which he was found smiling after taken to jail in municipality of Tlalnepantla. Fofo Marquez is said to appear before the court on Friday. He was charged by the cops for gender violence.

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