Diddy Court Documents Photos: Find Complete Details On Lawsuit

Diddy Court Documents Photos- Know about Diddy Lawsuit Documents and P Diddy Court Documents Jones!

The recent lawsuit against Diddy has sparked interest among the people of the United States and Canada as new information has come up. Rodney Jones filed the lawsuit and asked for 30 million dollars for the assault he faced.

Rodney Jones has confessed that he suffered cerebrally while working with Diddy in one of the music videos, and he said that he was not paid for his efforts. Presently, all of Diddy’s properties have been raided.

Diddy’s lawyer said that he is innocent and, all the accusations are false, and he will continue to fight till the end. Some photos and screenshots have been found, which has raised investigators’ eyebrows. 

Diddy Court Documents Photos

The document photos that are released are graphic in nature and depict assault, while also there are photos of the shooting that took place in the restroom. 

On September 12, 2022, a shootout took place at a music studio restroom where Diddy’s son and a person named G had a heated conversation. In his rage, Diddy’s son took out a gun and shot him. 

Jones was present at the scenario, and he said that on hearing the gunshots, they ran and gathered around the restroom, where they found G bleeding heavily. He further noted that he was scared that he might be the next. 

Also, he was the only person who assisted the injured G to the ambulance and said that Diddy asked people to inform the officials about the shooting and tell them that it happened outside the music restroom.

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Diddy Lawsuit Documents

Further documents were released, including a picture of Diddy with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. People are eager to know about Prince Harry’s involvement in the entire proceedings with Diddy. 

Diddy Lawsuit Documents
Diddy Lawsuit Documents

Nothing much has been revealed yet on this matter. However, some incidents were related physically, where Jones said after coming across the photos that showed two men appearing in an obscene act.

He revealed that he was forced to watch the entire act, and one of the people involved was the person whom Jones admired deeply. Jones further revealed that Diddy wanted him to engage in the act.

Jones revealed that Diddy wanted him to engage in act as that was a prevalent thing in the industry. 

P Diddy Court Documents Jones

After all the photos and screenshots were revealed, some video clips came up, which were recorded on Thanksgiving day in 2022. The video showed Diddy and Jones along with Yung Miami and her cousin.

P Diddy Court Documents Jones
P Diddy Court Documents Jones

Jones revealed that Yung Miami’s cousin followed him to the bathroom and offered him various services, which he rejected. As per sources, he said that he believed it was Diddy who was behind this entire incident. 

The matter did not stop there. Yung Miami’s cousin continued to follow him and tried to have physical intimacy in front of other people. He also blamed them for forced assault at the party. 

Physical Assault Incident

Jones has also made accusations about Diddy related to trafficking and showed some photos of the women who were in the business, but their faces were all blurred. The pictures of Diddy with two women were present in the lawsuit. 

Jones said that Diddy wanted him to join the act, and there were many elicit parties that Diddy visited along with several underage girls. The matter has risen to another level, and many revelations have come up.

People who are interested in knowing more about all the accusations made against Diddy and the further proceedings of the lawsuit can visit various online channels and websites to find the complete details.

Disclaimer: All the information regarding allegation based on online sources.

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