Benefits of Relocating to Verrado Post Retirement

Retirement is not the journey’s end but the start of life’s second innings. As a result, one should treat oneself with things they have always desired, like a dream vacation.

However, the needs and changes range from person to person and age. For some, this may imply downsizing to a smaller home, and for others, relocating to a new location and owning a house more conducive to a retirement lifestyle, like homes for sale in Verrado, where the median list price of homes was $590000 in August 2022.

Continue reading to learn more about the different sorts of houses and why having a property in Verrado is a good choice for individuals who are nearing or have already retired. 

History of Verrado

Verrado is in Buckeye, Arizona, a meticulously planned community nestled in the foothills of the white tank mountains. The name Verrado is of Spanish origin that carries the meaning of truth and authenticity, which is reflective of the community. 

It consists of townhouses and single-family residences, and the infrastructure design was drawn by early twentieth-century American neighborhoods, notably those in nearby Phoenix’s historic districts.

Moreover, it provides resort-style amenities to retiree-focused communities. Therefore, one can choose a retirement home in Verrado that meets all their needs and lifestyles.

A Peaceful Destination For Retirees

The retirees can experience arts, scenes, various restaurants, leisure activities, and other amenities in Verrado. Apart from this, one can find a home suitable for their requirements and budget. Below are some of the most famous houses types that one can find in Verrado:

  • Starter Homes: Small and basic homes for first-time home buyers or those downsizing on a smaller home 
  • Luxury Homes: As the name suggests, it includes more significant and expensive than starter homes and comes with all the bells and whistles, like gourmet kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and large yards.
  • Townhouses: A multi-story residence independently owned and joined to one or more units and have their entrances.
  • Custom Homes: A customized home allows you to design your dream home from scratch.
  • Single Family Home: A freestanding residence mainly for single-family and includes a kitchen, unshared walls, and utilities.

The Advantages of Owning a Home or Relocating to Verrado Post Retirement

Retirement Destination

Retiring in Verrado has gradually evolved as one of the most sought-after ways to shift from the workforce to a more pleasant and laid-back lifestyle. A Victory district is an age-restricted place in Verrado, where one needs to be at least 55 years old to reside. According to your style and affordability, Victory homes range from 1,200 square feet to 3100 square feet, costing approximately $397,268 to $ 1,275,000.

Amiable Communities

The thorough planning of neighborhoods, resort-style amenities, luxury single-story residences, assisted living or independent living alternatives, and activities for active adults and older folks is one of the key reasons to consider owning a home in Verrado after retirement.


Arizona weather is a desert climate with winter temperatures. One can enjoy amazing hikes to countless golf courses or take a short drive to experience luxury shopping and other amenities in Phoenix, which is close to Verrado.

Healthcare facility

One can easily access top-notch healthcare facilities within the premises of their community. Therefore, it will assist in handling life-threatening situations or any crisis. Apart from this, there are other facilities for senior citizens, like routine health checkups, medical assistance, pharmacies, fitness clubs, etc.


If you’re looking for a peaceful retirement, homes for sale in Verrado are worth considering because they’re reasonable, with the typical home sale price around $639k in August 2022. Verrado is appealing because of its diverse landscape and small-town charm. It makes the location suitable for people who want a slower pace of life. To understand more about the neighborhood and its offers, kindly discuss them with your realtor.

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