Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma: Found Safe After Long Search!

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Colleen Weaver Missing

Colleen Weaver was missing for nine days. With the help of the Raynham Police Department, Colleen was found. The police carried out the investigation and were able to find out Colleen. This Raynham teen was found in New York City safely. The Raynham police investigated with the help of the New York Police Department. The police located weaver through investigative means. Raynham Police Chief James Donovan stated that all were glad to find Colleen. Donovan praised the efforts of the police officers after finding Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma.

The Reaction of the Family

When 16-year-old Colleen was found with the help of the police, her family reacted positively on Twitter.

The family expressed gratitude to all who were involved in finding her. Her family also requests to give them privacy so that they can focus more on Collin. The family wanted some space, so Collin does not get disturbed by the media or press. The chief of the Police, Donovan, has also expressed his gratitude for the full cooperation of all in finding the missing girl. Now Colleen had reunited with her family.

Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma

Donovan stated that the investigation was still going on so the police could find out why she was missing. But the police have not released any clue related to the circumstance of the disappearance of Colleen. People are eager to know about all the details related to her disappearance. But the police are unwilling to release any clue so the investigation can be carried out without any obstacle. The FBI stated on Twitter 

 Whenever a child is reported missing, the law enforcement system is set into motion so that child can be recovered safely. The FBI has tried its best to avert situations like Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma. The police are investigating the matter so that no similar incident happens again and again. All have become careful after Colleen’s incident.

How Did Police Find Colleen?

New York City Police found the location of Colleen about 200 miles away at around 11 p.m. The New York Police department could locate Colleen with the help of the FBI. The police became aware of the disappearance of Colleen when her mother, Kristen Weaver, saw Colleen on 18th October last. Her mother further revealed that Colleen has a neurological problem that puts her in difficulty. As per sources, Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma happened when she met an older man who pretended to be a teenage boy online. 

The Raynham Police Chief stated that Colleen was likely with someone else. But, no further details have been found regarding the person who posed as a teenage boy. Therefore, police have not been able to release any further information on whether Colleen was with someone else or was found by herself. As per sources, but the police believed that she was left with someone. When The Special Agent of FBI Boston Charge Joseph R. Bonavolonta first reported when Colleen was found.

The reaction of the People

After the incident of Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Maeveryone was eager to know about all the details of her missing. Since she had an illness and her parents worried so much. Her adoptive parents, Casey and Kristen, were also very worried until she was found. Colleen was a very innocent girl who was not that smart as she was suffering from a neurological problem. Therefore, all her family members had to go through a stressful situation.

Note: All details are based on online sources.


Since Colleen was a teenage girl, everyone was worried about her missing. But, no one could ever think she had undergone such a situation. To know more, please visit the twitter link .

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Colleen Weaver Missing Raynham Ma-FAQs

Q.1 Who is Colleen Weaver?

A 16-year-old Raynham girl.

Q.2 Who are her parents?

Casey and Kristen.

Q.3 How did Colleen go missing?

She went in search of an older grownups.

Q.4 Which Police Department locate Colleen?

The New York City Police Department.

Q.5 What disease was Colleen suffer from?

Neurological problem.

Q.6 Where was Colleen found?

In New York City.

Q.7 Who reported after Colleen was found?

The FBI.

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