Oshin Viral Link Video Original Telegram Link 2024—A Tale of Duddy’s New Romantic Life!

Is Oshin from Bangladesh? Are websites increasing viewer count by tagging Oshin Viral Link Video Original Telegram Link? Is video present on Reddit/TikTok/Instagram/Youtube/Twitter

Gia Duddy, a TikTok influencer also famous in Bangladesh, caused a stir with a breakup video shared amid speculation about her relationship with NFL rookie QB Will Levis. Pair had dated for three years during college before splitting in September 2023. Recently, Duddy hinted at her relationship status and beginning of a new chapter in her romantic life. Let’s learn more about Oshin Viral Link Video Original Telegram Link and presence on Reddit/TikTok/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter.

Oshin Viral Link Video Original Telegram Link:

With a whopping 8,01,979 followers on FB, IG, X, and TikTok, viral video of Oshin having a physical relationship with Gia Duddy became a viral trend. On TikTok, Gia gained 18-million views, and four million views for her 2023 NFL Draft footage. The Leo was born on 1st/August/2021, and the TikTok star is 22-year, 10-months, and 6-days old. 

The grownup video of Duddy is available publicly on a single grownup website. Video file YaApP0bc_720p.mp4 is 00:00:27 seconds long and 4 MB in size for a 720-pixel HD video. Footage was filmed with a mobile camera, with Oshin holding it in his right hand while Duddy was dressed up in black undergarments and orally grooming body parts of Oshin. 

No Reddit post featured their grownup clips. The video was uploaded on 4th/June/2024. Duddy is easily recognizable due to her blue eyes and curly hair. News about curly girl with blue eyes viral video increased curiosity among netizens. However, her clips are not featured on any social media platforms. 

Telegram and Youtube featured an Asian girl in undergarments and tagged her as Oshin. Girl also tagges herself as Oshin on YouTube and TikTok, and a video showed her dressed up in a red saree, suggesting her popularity in Asia, including Bangladesh. But Oshin featured with Duddy is a male.

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Oshin 2024 Viral Video on TikTok and Reddit:

Oshin 2024 Viral Video on TikTok and Reddit

Fans speculated on her status, seeking clarification from Duddy herself. Notably, Gia accompanied Will on Draft Night in April, where Titans eventually drafted WIll as 33rd overall pick. Duddy’s educational background includes attending Penn State and Berks Catholic High School, with graduation from Penn State University, where Levis also played football until recently. 

The Instagram personality currently resides in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA-19610, with a provided fan mailing address as 901 Broadway, P.O. Box 23330, Nashville, TN-37202. Reports indicate that despite their breakup, Duddy and Levis maintain a friendly relationship, with speculation of a potential reunion circulating. Gia and Levis continue to engage with each other on Instagram!

A few Reddit pages included Duddy’s video. However, such pages were banned. Currently, only blogs related to Duddy’s breakup with Levis are featured on Reddit.

Oshin 2024 Viral Video on Instagram and Twitter:

Like Reddit, Instagram and Twitter also featured discussions and NFL videos about Duddy and Levis, their relationship, and their breakup status. On Instagram (or) Twitter Oshin’s footage with Duddy did not feature his face, and NO Oshin and Duddy viral videos were found.

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Oshin 2024 Viral Video on Youtube:

YouTube did not feature any viral video of Oshin(or) Duddy. However, there were several reviews about Duddy’s betrayal, her relationship with Levis, and general opinions about their relationship status. However, YouTube featured Asian girl in grownup videos, who is also popular on TikTok as Oshin.

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