Hugh Grosvenor Girlfriend And Wife: The wedding of Duke of Westminster

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The Duke of Westminster weds to Olivia Henson at Chester. The 33 years old Hugh Grosvenor was recently trending on online platforms after he was ranked 14th in 2024 Times Rich List on Sunday. Following this Hugh Grosvenor gets married to his bride Olivia Henson at the Chester Cathedral on Friday. The news did generate widespread attention Worldwide.

In recent times, his net worth was estimated to be $10.1bn. He made his bride the duchess. The couple were first seen together last month last month. The wedding was attended by Prince William. In their wedding, the duke arrived in some Green Land Rover and was found waving at the crowds. He thereafter entered inside the cathedral. 

At the same time, 400 guests attended the wedding ceremony. The Hugh Grosvenor Girlfriend And Wife went to her wedding with her father Rupert Henson. The crowd gathered in the Chester streets to get the glimpse of the couple and their wedding. The prince of whales also arrived at the wedding at around 10:30 a.m. 

Besides the Prince of Eugenie also arrived in his coaches. Although King Charles and Queen and Princess of Wales were among those who did not attend their wedding. The news about Duke of Westminster wedding trends on online platforms.

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Hugh Grosvenor E Olivia Henson:

Hugh Grosvenor E Olivia Henson

On Friday, Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster gets married to Olivia Henson. The bride arrived at the venue with her father in Bentley car. While he duke arrive in Land Rover. Their wedding was conducted in Chester Cathedral. This wedding was one among the most prestigious social event of this year. Many popular and recognized people attended the wedding.

Hugh Grosvenor was previously known to be Britain’s most eligible bachelor. After getting married to Hugh Grosvenor E Olivia Henson he loses the unofficial title. At the same time, the Duke of Westminster was ranked at the 14th position in Times Rich List 2024 on Sunday.

It was known that he was introduced Olivia trough some mutual friend. They knew each other since 2021. And Hugh Grosvenor Girlfriend And Wife  finally got married in 2024. While people wanted to learn about Olivia Henson. She works as a senior account manager at the ethnic food production company, Belazu in London. She previously worked in various food related companies.

Olivia Henson becomes the  Duchess of Westminster. She has been a long time girlfriend of Hugh Grosvenor. The wedding ceremony is known to be royal ceremony of the year. The news about their grand wedding has become viral on online platforms.

Hugh Grosvenor wiki:

  • Real Name: Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor
  • Birth date: 29th May 1991 
  • Birth place: London, England  
  • Parents: Gerald Grosvenor and Natalia
  • Education: Mostyn House School, Ellesmere College and Newcastle University
  • Spouse: Olivia Henson
  • Age: 33 years
  • Profession: Land owner, Businessman 
  • Net Worth: $10.1bn 
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Relatives: Lady Edwina Snow and Dan Snow 

Hugh Grosvenor wiki

Hugh Grosvenor marries longtime girlfriend Olivia Henson:

Hugh Grosvenor has been Britain’s most eligible bachelor for a longtime after Hugh Grosvenor Girlfriend And Wife Olivia Henson marriage on Friday. They were introduced to each other through some mutual friend in 2021. The couple got married in Chester Cathedral on Friday 2024. The crowd gathered neat the cathedral since morning to get the glimpse of their grand royal wedding.

The couple were engaged in April 2023. Olivia is known to have attended Marlborough College with princess Eugenie. She is the daughter of Rupert Cornelius Brooke Henson. She works as a senior account manager at the Belazu which is ethnic food production company.

The Hugh Grosvenor Girlfriend And Wife has become viral on internet. To know more information on Hugh Grosvenor wedding, click on this link.

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