5 Benefits Of Fall Camping

When it comes to choosing a hobby, camping is perhaps the most versatile option.

You can always plan your trip regardless of the season. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, all you need to do is just to find an attractive location and get the equipment to have a great time outdoors with your friends.

Typically, many people view camping solely as a summer hobby. However, each of the seasons has its own special charm and can offer unique experiences and natural beauty. And one of these seasons is fall.

This time of year is characterized by colder but, at the same time, comfortable weather. Also, the yellow tops of the trees, the feeling of freshness in the air, and the amazing scenery the fall is well known for will make your trip truly memorable, especially if this is new to you.

Fall camping has a number of unique features and benefits that make this season an excellent option for outdoor trips. The main thing here is to plan everything carefully and pack the necessary items, such as an all-season tent, wood-burning tent stove, warm clothes, etc., to feel comfortable and safe throughout your camping trip.

Let’s look at the main benefits of fall camping you can enjoy by going on a trip this time of year.

Comfortable Weather 

Among the reasons why some travelers prefer camping in the fall is the comfortable weather. The best period of fall is early September to mid-October. During this time, you can enjoy pleasant daytime temperatures in most locations. Even though the temperature drops lower at night, if you have warm clothes, a suitable tent, and a sleeping bag, it will not be a problem.

This is an advantage of fall camping because during summer trips you can often face really hot days when you find yourself looking for shade and a source of water to cool off. On the contrary, camping in early to mid-fall, you can enjoy pleasant weather that is not too hot but not too cold, making your trip during this time of year an attractive option.

Peace And Quiet

Another advantage of fall camping is the peace and quiet you can enjoy.

Since most people plan their camping in the summer, almost every campsite, especially if it is a popular location, is packed with people. This often means more time to find a suitable spot for your camp and noise from neighboring tents.

In the fall, most locations are vacant, and you can meet fewer people there. Thus, you can choose from a variety of options for places where you would like to go and be sure that there you will get the best spot for your tent to enjoy the beauty of nature and feel comfortable while camping. 

Also, if you want to find solitude and inspiration when going into nature, then fall is the perfect season. At this time of year, you can enjoy the landscape without noise and fuss.

Less Expensive 

The cost of renting a spot directly depends on the popularity of the location since the higher the demand, the higher the price of booking.

As mentioned, most people plan their trips during the summer, which means it is a high season. So you will always pay more when camping in the summer.

In the case of trips to nature during the fall, the demand is lower. So not only do you take advantage of the many options available, but also save money. This is especially true when planning a camping trip with a large group of people, several tents or RVs, and a stay of a week or more.

If budget is an essential factor for you, then the best way to enjoy camping and save money is to go in the fall, when the season is low.

Less Bugs 

The absence of annoying bugs and insects is another benefit of fall camping.

If you camp in summer and want to eat some fruit, then be prepared that bees, wasps, ants, and other insects attracted to the sweet smell will ruin your camping or make it a little more complicated. And at night, when you sit near a fire or in a tent, get ready to meet new guests – mosquitoes, whose annoying buzzing can significantly ruin your sleep, especially if you set up camp in a location with high humidity or near a body of water.

With fall camping, you can enjoy nature without some of its “features,” such as bugs and insects. And this is often one of the key benefits of fall, as you can feel free outside and inside the tent, as well as don’t have to quickly hide your food before some small creatures find it.

So, if you want peace during camping, fall is your option!


Preparing for fall camping is more complex than planning summer trips. Here, you will need more things, more equipment, and more knowledge to make your camping successful and safe. In addition, overnight stays in nature in the fall are also a great way to challenge yourself!

If you would like to have a new and exciting experience, then fall camping is the perfect choice. This is also an opportunity to prepare for winter camping. After all, as a beginner, many are scared by the very idea of spending the night in a tent in winter. However, after a few trips in the fall, especially if you set up camp in mid-to-late November, you will see that it is not that difficult and will also gain valuable knowledge and skills that will allow you to unlock the next level – winter camping.

So, if you would like to make camping your hobby and enjoy nature regardless of the weather, then a trip in the fall is a great start!

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