5 Must-Visit Places in Pennsylvania for a Nature Enthusiast

There is so much that Pennsylvania offers of history, fun, and cultural experience that contribute to the state’s popularity as a major tourist destination on the East Coast and the Mid-Atlantic.

Cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will wow you with their blend of uniqueness and similarity to other major cities in the country. But there couldn’t be a better attraction PA offers other than its beautiful natural landscape.

The diverse terrain is home to many natural wonders and scenic spots perfect for nature enthusiasts.

If your heart aches for nature and its gifts, you should definitely explore these seven must-visit places in Pennsylvania.

Bushkill Falls

If you intend to explore Pennsylvania’s natural beauty, you most likely have the Pocono Mountains on your to-do list. The rugged highland region in the northeast boasts some of the most spectacular natural attractions in the state.

One of these places you can’t afford to skip is the Bushkill Falls, a breathtaking series of waterfalls so lovely they earned the name the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.”

Before you get to the waterfalls, you go through scenic trails with beautiful views of the surrounding woods. The hike up to the wooden stairs is rewarding to adventure lovers looking for an immersive experience.

Top activities at Bushkill Falls include hiking, camping, nature observation, fishing, and photography.

Presque Isle State Park

Despite its location on the East Coast, PA is effectively blocked from directly accessing the Atlantic Coast. But that shouldn’t dampen your moods if you appreciate lying on a beach or partaking in watersports.

Pennsylvania has miles of shoreline on the Delaware Estuary and 70-plus miles on Lake Erie, where you find Presque Isle State Park.

The island is like an extended appendage attached to the mainland, providing easy access to 11 sandy beaches on the peninsula. You will love beaches 8 and 11 as they are particularly stunning.

Undoubtedly, the beaches in Presque Isle offer the best “seashore” experience with plenty of recreational opportunities. The island holds many exceptional attractions for nature lovers, from beaches and lagoons to miles of hiking trails.

Erie Bluffs State Park

As you navigate the areas near Lake Erie, stop at Erie Bluffs State Park in Lake City. It’s one of the most picturesque spots in the state, sitting on 587 acres of untouched land along Lake Erie.

The park features majestic bluffs, dense woodland, and extensive trails full of scenic overlooks where you can rest and enjoy sweeping views of the park.

You will love the wildlife experience as the park is home to deer, foxes, and hundreds of bird species.

Top activities in Erie Bluffs include wildlife observation, biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and picnicking.

Forbes State Forest

The mountainous region of southwestern Pennsylvania is one of the most stunning in natural beauty. It’s where you find Forbes State Forest, a 59,000-acre expanse of wilderness touching Westmoreland, Fayette, and Somerset counties.

If you’re looking for nature in its glory, the whole area is fantastic. But there are some places that really magnify the state forest.

Take the trails leading to Beam Rocks and witness spectacular overlooks with sweeping views of the colorful woodland. South of Beam Rocks, follow the trail to Wolf Rocks for more breathtaking views.

Pine Creek Gorge

One of the gems of north-central Pennsylvania is Pine Creek Gorge, a massive 47-mile canyon cutting through the Tioga State Forest. It’s an impressive site, popularly known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

If you would love to explore a smaller, wooded version of the Grand Canyon, head to Ansonia and take on the picturesque Pine Creek Rail Trail.

The canyon has impressive depths of way over 1000 feet with rewarding views of the canyon walls, the winding creek, and the forest.

Besides taking in the majestic canyon, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Pine Creek Gorge. You could stick to the popular rail trail or try out alternative routes like the Bob Webber Trail and the Golden Eagle Trail that offer equally amazing views.

Final Takeaway

Pennsylvania has many breathtaking natural sites that will elevate your outdoor experience. This list is just a starting point, as there are way more for you to uncover.

While visiting PA’s natural areas, keep in mind state laws, one of which is weed prohibition. If you’re interested in the subject and wish to know about alternative options for cannabis users in the state, Veriheal can guide you.

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