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How can you connect to us for Write For Us + Photography? Read the guidelines and requirements on how you can fit in for us through this post.

Are you passionate about perfectly capturing every moment of your surrounding? Do you have some advice to share related to photography? Or, would you like to give some tips, guidelines, and techniques to people who want to improve their photography skills?

Then, our platform allows you to showcase this talent to the world through written posts. We aim to give a push to one who wants to craft their career by creating mind-blowing photographs and to the one who wants to take advantage of the evolving digital platform. Our guide here on Write For Us + Photography is a breakdown of your writing work.

Who are we- introduction of our website:

OpenSquare is a popular website with audiences looking for pro tips, guides, tutorials on how to, and more on the photography niche. With the help of our writers, we provide information and let readers know unique ideas and hacks that were unsaid before. Therefore, our blog posts are distinctive, informative, error-free, and dedicated to all who want to enhance their photography knowledge or establish a business in this field.

To begin with Photography “Write For Us” it would be helpful if you go through our website and familiarize yourself with what kinds of posts we publish. Moreover, any out-of-the-box ideas on photography-related equipment, reviews on gears, and how to capture and edit the beautiful moment of life are welcomed.

It doesn’t matter to us if you are venturing into the writing field or a pro-writer; you can share your ideas and start writing for us. You will get good exposure once you start writing for us. If you are a pro editor ready to write for us, then connect us today.

What are our requirements on Write For Us + “Photography”?

We are inviting for experienced and novice writers passionate about their writing. You are welcome here if you have exceptional camerawork experience and want to share your knowledge with the world.

On the other hand, if you are new to the writing field but snapping pictures is your hobby and want to begin, OpenSquare is the platform where you can showcase your talent.

Our audience varies from beginners to professionals; thus, our requirement covers various topics you can choose to write about. If your content is to the point, unique, informative, and creative, then Write For Us + Photography. We would love to publish your work in front of our readers.

Guidelines for writers to submit the post on Write For Us + “Photography”

Writing is all about passion and creativity of words. We do not want to lose the audience by misleading them. In contrast, we would like to get the attention of our new readers. Therefore, we want you to write a blog post following the simple guidelines below.

  • An error-free post, preferably in English, crafted keeping photography niche in mind.
  • A thorough-researched and well-arranged content that draws the attention of readers.
  • Make sure to write engaging, unique, and catchy blog posts split into various subheadings to improve the reading experience.
  • We don’t advertise or promote, so Write For Us + Photography should not include promotion.
  • The content you write must be plagiarism free and grammatically correct.
  • You can share tutorials, how-to tips, hacks for beginners, digital photography ideas, perfect snap-taking art, and more through writing.
  • The word limit of your post can range anywhere from 800-1500.
  • While writing, you can include internal and external links.
  • You must include links that are trusted and relevant to the topic of discussion.
  • Do not write fake advice that does not work. Instead, write a genuine and inspiring post to educate readers.
  • No do-follow link should contain more than 1% to 3% spam score

Please note that we have all the right to edit your Write For Us Photography Blog Guest Post, but we never change the meaning you want to convey.

What are the benefits for Write For Us + “Photography” guest post?

  • The platform which offers you share your knowledge with valuable audience.
  • It will increase clicks on your post.
  • To write guest post you can attract number of readers throughout the globe.
  • It will help you to get more recognition.
  • The authentic and researchable guest post on photography will help you to get traffic for your website.

How can you submit your post?

If you want to share your ideas with thousands of other people and want to help them establish a career in photography, writing for us is a platform where you can draft your ideas. If it is exceptional, we will publish it, and it will reach thousands of thousands of readers. 

Your creative photography skill, combined with your writing hobby, can make a difference to thousands of people. In order to contact us for Write For Us + Photography, you can submit your post by dropping a mail at contact.opensquares@gmail.com. Start by sending a post today; we are online.

Why write for us can make a difference?

Our website is famous for posting informative posts on the photography niche. If you are a professional writer and photography is the field you are always fond of, work for us. Or, if you want to begin a writing career with knowledge in cinematography, photography, we provide you a platform to showcase your skill.

We have a large number of visitors who are looking for fresh and unique ideas in the photography field. In addition, by Write For Us + Photography, you can grow your career, known by many, and maybe in the future, you can set up your website.

Furthermore, you will also get some benefits in terms of appreciation, communication, enhanced knowledge, and the ability to present your idea to the world no matter its topic!

Not least, but writing for us means you are joining a team of an expert photography website and can chase your dream.

Concluding remarks:

Writing for us is an opportunity you should grab if you are photophilic. Before beginning Write For Us + Photography, ensure you have gone through our requirements and guidelines. So, we hope to see you soon on our team of writers. We welcome everyone and so do not hesitate to contact us.

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