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Please go through the article for guidelines for guest writing on our platform. Read the post for complete guidelines on Write For Us Pets.

In our daily life, we are addicted to raising a pet for our lonely life in the present situation; everyone got busy with their own life. While raising pets, we find some cases of the urge for help. To get rid of dilemmas from the situation, we find some eminent writers who provide a solution to our problems in their writings.

But such writers need some guidance to move on with their work. Are you able to prove yourself with the job in a professional way? Then, read the article to learn about Write For Us Pets guidelines.

Introduction to our platform

We have an outreach around the world with professional writers related to pets’ well-being. People have learned to solve their problems instantly using the internet at the right time. Many researchers, educators, and professionals suggest our platform for gaining knowledge.

We publish in-depth information from eminent writers who are executives in the subject. The articles on our site include website reviews on pet products, news articles including pet health and food supplements, and posts guiding how to nurture them with care.

Appropriate skill set for Write For Us Pets Guest Post.

You should be well versed with the topic before writing for us as the article will reach readers worldwide who may have a good view on the subject. Use your article in certain situations as a reference link for learning the subject.

Then, the person should have the best grip on the subject, description, and understanding skills. The blog writers should focus on briefly describing the subject to readers with easy vocabulary.

The writer need not have to be a validated writer or theorist; be confident in presenting the topic with good communication with the reader in the writing. 

Instructions for Pets “Write For Us”:

  • The author can write about any issue referring to pets that attract many audiences.
  •  Your work may have any case study relating to the topic.
  • Your work can be a ‘how-to’ guide in the form of an article.
  • You can write an article for practical research application.
  • You can generate articles on the latest news, trends, and issues relating to pets in recent times.
  • The author has a choice to write on academics and research after considering the audiences.
  •  Onlookers show interest in the latest news on new inventions and findings. 
  • Can mention recently launched products and services in Write For Us + Pets Blog.
  • Make the article relate to society as a whole.
  • You can make an effort to cover the topic as necessary for changes in the future and so on.

SEO guidelines for Write For Us + Pets blog post

  • Your written article must have a knowledge treasure with an ease of understanding and inventiveness for the global audiences.
  • In the article, you must present the truth, research the topic, and dig out facts from wrong conclusions.
  • Your article’s content is abstracted from a genuine source for future reference.
  • The write for us pets must not have any mistakes in plagiarism and grammatically.
  • The article Write For Us + “Pets” must be presented with the proper placing of headings, sub-headings, and critical points in appropriate places.
  • The post must not have repetitive and unessential content.
  • The write-up should exclude passive voice and discourteous writings. Must be humble.
  • The word limit in the post is between 800 to 1000 words.
  • The pets write for us post should earn a good readability score for easy understanding.
  • The article should be able to gain the attention of professional readers.

Few more points to remember-

  • The authors are warned not to use unappropriated content in the article, which can lead to rejection of the post. 
  • In the article, we strictly forbid the promotion of narcotic products like drugs and similar products.
  • We prefer a polite and healthy environment way of writing for our publishers. 
  • Please make an effort to write about animals than humans and a harmony relation between humans and pets in our life.
  • The article written should not have content copied from another platform. 
  • Be sure you present the write-up work from your truthful research and hard work, making you eligible for Write For Us Pets.

What are the terms to submit Write For Us Pets?

  • Your writing should contain at least 800 words.
  • Excellent content is required.
  • Your post needs to be about animals or pets.
  • Your guest article must not have been posted in another publication and must be completely free of plagiarism.
  • Your article has to be structured correctly.
  • Kindly include one high-resolution picture.
  • Two links are permitted in your post.

All articles are reviewed before being published, and if everything checks out. So, your piece will be published the next day. Content pertaining to drugs, casinos, or adults is not accepted.

How can you contact to us?

You can send the pets to write for us with a sample article for referring your work. If you are confident with your work, mail us directly to our publisher’s contact.opensquares@gmail.com.

Please take into notice that we shall analyze your work before accepting it. We have the right to correct, change and remove any piece of the topic if it is not necessary from your post before print.

If the article is approved, we shall contact you before publishing the topic. For once, if we agree with your writing, you have no right to share it on another platform.

We proudly announce to the world that we are true to our values of being genuine, transparent, and creative. We shall provide trustable information about pets in our Write For Us Pets.

 Why you should refer us?

Our team works with compassion to provide vulnerable content to the readers. We introduce new products and articles relating to the issues of pets being raised by various organizations in present situations in the society.

We publish the website legitimacy for the users. Nowadays, in the online market, many websites are available to purchase products. We help clear out you from confusion by informing the details with confidence.

We are here to inform you of the articles around nurturing, vaccination, and many more topics in Write For Us Pets with clear research done by our writers.


We have shown you the path to proving yourself in writing blogs or articles. You need not have a certificate as a writer but need to have good communication skills. Writing a topic flexibly where readers find themselves satisfied with the content. Show your worth to the world with your writing skills fulfilling their eagerness to learn desired issues related to pets, newly launched products, and more information about them. Learn the guidelines mentioned above before starting the article.

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