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Our research shows some valuable guidelines for the Opensquares page. You can refer to it for writing the Write for Us Saas guest post.

Do you know about Saas? What does it stand for? If you are someone who knows in-depth details about the software and why does this abbreviation use, so you can write the content for the Opensquares website. People knowing about Write for Us Saas can share their thoughts on this guest post. To know more about our website, you need to scan this post till the end and know how our site works.

Details on Opensquares.org?

Opensquares is a popular online site where readers come and read various updates related to world, sports, health, entertainment, product reviews, metaverse, social media, manufacturing, digital marketing, technology, science, wellness, pets, business, education, website reviews, and many more. It is a single platform where you can get content in various niches. But, if you want to be our contributor, you need to follow some guidelines.

Write for Us + Saas- Guest post guidelines!

The contributors should understand the procedure on which the Opensquares website works. The rules of our page are not so tricky to understand. So, if you want to be a part of the Opensquares site, kindly understand all the rules below.

  • The contributors must stick to the prescribed limit for the guest post. The word limit is 500 to 1000 words.
  • A 98 to 100 percent score must be evaluated on Grammarly tools. The grammar score should be attached to the content file.
  • The content should be unique and must not include any percentage of plagiarism. 
  • The contributors should attach an external link on Saas Write for Us only if it is completed 70 to 80 percent.
  • The contributors should remember to add authentic points that are the most essential to be discussed in the guest post.
  • Kindly use simple language in the content. The post must be understandable to people of every age group.
  • Never use any wrong or false language in the content. Using any objectionable words will lead to the rejection of the guest post.
  • One should not share the same article with any other editor of a different website. We will not accept such articles and they will be disqualified.
  • The contributors of “Write for Us” + Saas should use that external link having the lowest spam rate of not more than 3 percent.
  • The keyword gap must be maintained. Give proper spacing of 90 to 110 words between the keyword. 
  • Kindly spotlight all the keywords and internal links. On the other hand, also spotlight external links. 
  • The score of readability on the saas guest post should be 90 percent or more.
  • The contributors must use those titles that are based on SEO.
  • You can use bullets, numberings, etc to make your article more attractive.

The important topics For Saas + “Write for Us” guest post

  • What is the full form of Saas?
  • History of Saas
  • Horizontal Saas vs Vertical Saas
  • Characteristics of Saas
  • Saas: Adoption Challenges 

You can check out these topics if you are confused about what topic you should choose. Make sure you choose a topic that can give you mass exposure.

Benefits of working with Opensquares

To understand the advantages, you need to go through the qualities of the Opensquares website. Kindly read here.

  • We have daily traffic of more than 1000 readers.
  • We are ranked at a high place based on the SERP ranking.
  • Our contributors get mass exposure. 
  • They learn to work on SEO standards.
  • You can get more readers.
  • It will help you to generate more traffic for your website.

Criteria for writing the Saas “Write for Us”

The senders should understand the rules of writing the post and they should be able to research the given topics. This is all we need from the contributors. We never focus on the qualification and profession of the contributors. The writer should be knowledgeable so by writing guest post he or she can educate readers.  This platform accept only valuable content that can enhance knowledge of our readers.

How do you contact us to submit a guest post on Write for Us Saas

The contributors who are ready to submit their guest posts can share their files at this (contact.opensquares@gmail.com). You can also attach the contact information for our reference along with the guest post file. Also, we reply to our readers within one day. Also, we always notify the senders when we publish their guest posts.


Summing up this post on Write for Us Saas, we have mentioned some essential details on Saas  to write a guest post for the Opensquares website. For more details, you can contact our team.

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