How to Style Your Cashmere Jumper

A little fact about Cashmere is that the goats that originated from the Kashmir region, now found in Mongolia and other places, are the source of cashmere wool. 

Because of its material, cashmere jumpers aren’t much heavier than a blouse despite being frequently warmer than conventional wool jumpers. You’ll feel cozy and at ease because of how soft and pleasant they are. 

If you have a cashmere sweater and don’t know how to style it, this post will help give you suggestions on how you can style it. Keep reading!

Styling A Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere is one of the most expensive and demanded natural materials. 

Here are a few tips if you have a cashmere jumper and don’t know how to style it.

1. Mix and Match Your Trousers

The proper pair of trousers may define a complete ensemble. The difference is significant if you wear your cashmere jumper with boyfriend jeans instead of skinny jeans.

Better and more stylish than the boyfriend jean’s roomy and laid-back appearance is the figure-clinging form of a stylish pair of skinny jeans. Even if the cashmere sweater you’ve picked is more baggy-fitting, the narrow pants’ form will tone it up.

Instead of choosing the milder wash, which has a more casual attitude, go for the deeper wash. Similarly, dress up your cashmere sweater by wearing it with a set of chic pants.

Similarly, contrasting color pants will make the ensemble seem semi-formal. If your sweater has a tighter fit, experiment with a looser cut for the slacks, such as a bootcut or flared pants.

2. Shirts With Different Necklines

Use a turtleneck, crew, or V-neck style to change the appearance. Make a favorite necklace or thread of pearls the focal point, or maybe just let the garment’s velvety material steal the stage.

It complements a more professional dress and is very at ease in a smart-casual setting, but it also looks great over a set of faded jeans or perhaps even shorts. Wearing heels, sneakers, or sandals can also enhance the outfit.

Don’t let cashmere’s affluent heritage and image restrict you; by utilizing its adaptability, you may raise the worth of your purchase and turn it into a perfect complement to your collection.

3. Add Blazer Or A Wool Jacket

Brown blazers are a timeless fashion accessory; if you get a fine wool version, you’ll own it for the duration of your life. One of the preferred ways to wear a cashmere sweater is with a wool jacket. 

Placing a wool jacket over a cashmere sweater in the wintertime when it’s cold makes you feel warm and gives you a polished look. You could not even need to cover it with a coat, based on the climate.

Additionally, black accessories like leather shoes, sunglasses, and a purse would truly tie the whole ensemble together.

4. Add Accessories

You can give a simple cashmere jumper more flair with the appropriate accessories. With a hefty display necklace, striking earrings, or a silky neck scarf, you may highlight a turtleneck or a deep V-neck. 

A broad, textured cumberbund may be used to belt a baggy Cashmere Jumper to give it form.

5. Match It With Skinny Jeans 

Wear a fitting grey cashmere sweater like that of the top. For a polished and understated finish, combine it with a pair of black dressier shoes and a set of dark blue skinny jeans with cropped legs.

6. With A White Shirt 

Use your gorgeous cashmere sweater to experiment with the sweater-over-shirt look. A white collar on top of a crocheted cashmere sweater produces a lovely contrast, and merging two items from your closet gives the impression of adding a whole new piece. 

Additionally, any pattern that adds warmth is a benefit!


Every outfit needs a decent cashmere sweater as your go-to fashion tool. It is adaptable and dependable and can be fashioned differently to produce various appearances for many situations. 

Decorate your cashmere sweater according to your attitude, and have fun creating new designs using old favorites.

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