King George VI Cause Of Death:Who Was His Wife? Read About His Children, Mother, Father, Death, And Stutter!

This post on King George VI Cause of Death informs readers about the death of the King and a few events in his life.

Did you know how King George die? On February 6, 1952, King George VI passed calmly in his bed, ushering in his child, Queen Elizabeth II. The King George VI Cause of Death was famous Worldwide.

King George VI died unexpectedly in his bed. The nation was stunned; cinemas, sports stadiums, and theatres were shut, television shows were not aired, and Parliament was delayed as a token of respect. None was more surprised than Princess Elizabeth, who was in Kenya on a Commonwealth visit. 

Who Was King George VI Wife?

Queen Elizabeth was the wife of King George VI. She lived her early life in Hertfordshire, north of London, at St Paul’s Waldenbury. This was her family’s country house. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was created after her father gained his Earldom in 1904.

King George VI, born on December 14, 1895, never anticipated being crowned King of the United Kingdom. His father was George V, but he was the second child and unlikely to succeed to the throne. King george vi wife was by his side when he died.

King George older brother, Edward VIII, was the successor to the crown before him and became King after his father died in 1936. However, less than a year later, Edward VIII abdicated the crown, becoming the only King in British history to do so freely. His older child, Elizabeth II, was in Kenya at the moment and was the first royal to accede overseas in over 200 years.

King George VI Mother

Mary was the only child of Prinz (Prince; alternatively, since 1871, Herzog [Duke]) von Teck, a part of the Württemberg royal dynasty. She was also the great-granddaughter of King George III of the United Kingdom.

In 1891, Mary was married to Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, but he died just a few weeks before the wedding. Later, she became engaged to and wedded the duke’s younger brother, George, on July 6, 1893.

What happened after King George vi death?

The nation met the news of King George VI’s untimely death at Sandringham with deep sadness. The King’s most recent public visit was at London Airport to wish them farewell at the start of their Commonwealth trip. His death occurred four months following his lung resection surgery.

Was he successful in overcoming King George vi Stutter?

Unsurprisingly, George VI’s path to becoming a great and adored King was not easy. He was drive into the post suddenly, of course, but his worry about assuming the role was only exacerbated by the stammer he had suffered with since he was a small boy. 


Wrapping on this post, we know that king died due to an illness. However, King George VI was suffering from lung cancer, and when his health deteriorated, it was stated that Philip would no longer accept naval positions. The king george vi children, queen Elizabeth II, was in Kenya. 

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