Pearl Jam Toronto Review-Know The Concert Review, Set List 2022 Toronto, & Hamilton

The article Pearl Jam Toronto Review highlights the positive reviews of their latest show and provides additional information on setlists.

Are you a fan of the famous American rock band Pearl Jam? Have you booked your tickets for their upcoming concerts? The rock band started their music tour after the COVID restrictions. The rock band has more fans in countries like Canada, United States, and many more. So here in this article, we’ll discuss about their latest tour in the Toronto region, the Pearl Jam Toronto Review, and the show details.

The musical performance 

Pearl Jam has been touring many places for performing musical concerts, so on September 8, 2022, they performed at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. According to the online sources and reviewers, the show started pleasantly and calmly, unlike the usual loud music.

The news of Queen Elizabeth’s death was conveyed before the start of the musical show, so Eddie Vedder, one of the members of PJ, decided to play the cover version of ” Her Majesty”,  Fans felt that the song matched the death news of Elizabeth, and PJ is getting many positive reviews for picking up that song.

Pearl Jam Toronto 2022

The show has gained a large following on the internet. Fans felt the magical moments of the pearl jam performance. The Toronto show held a lot of good performances, and they started the show by performing the trio songs of Daughter, Come Back, and Sometimes. They mesmerized not only the people sitting before them but also those who worked behind the scenes. 

PJ has the tradition of playing “Last Kiss”, a classic song for the people behind the stage. Usually, PJ shows will be a visual treat on watching live, and the Toronto show proved it. Pearl Jam Toronto Concert Review is gaining many good reviews for its good actions toward fans. Even they did their PJ tradition in this Toronto performance. The cover song “Her Majesty” by Abbey Road, by the Beatles in particular, got more positive reviews.

The list of songs

Pearl Jam’s show was scheduled at 8.45 pm, and it started by 9.05 pm, 3 hours after the closing of doors. And their average show length will be 2 hours, 17 minutes. Normally people will be requested to arrive earlier.  The Pearl Jam Set List Toronto is divided into two parts. One is the main set, which includes songs like Daughter, come  back, sometimes, her  majesty, all  those  yesterday, river  cross, inter stellar over drive, CorduroyHail  hail, DeepQuick  escape, even- flow, whoever said, I got id, never destination, dissident, Lukin, rear view mirror.

And the encore part includes lightyears, do the evolution, lastkiss, Jeremy, alive, rocking in the free world. All these setlist songs are very popular among people These are the performance of Pearl Jam Setlist 2022 for the Toronto Canada show. 


The Toronto show lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes, so it ended by 11.15 pm. As part of the musical tour, the Peral Jam team had the performance at the first Ontario Centre in Hamilton, Canada on September 6. In that concert, the Pearl Jam team played many unusual and unique songs like “Lost Dogs,” Sad,” etc. These songs haven’t been played by them for years. The Pearl Jam Hamilton 2022 show was also great. Visit to find out about their tour schedule.

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