Audrey Mestre Accident – Know About Her Death & Apnee!

If you are looking for the details of the Audrey Mestre Accident, this article will help you with all the relevant information and facts.

Have you heard the details for Audrey Mestre? Who is she? Why is Audrey the sudden hype over the internet? When and how did Audrey die? Readers are currently fetching the details for these related questions. If you are also looking for similar answers, read this article to know all.

Audrey Mestre is a free diver based out of France, and she is the recent hype all over the United States and other parts of the world. Read this post and explore the headers for Audrey Mestre Accident in this article till the end to know all the possible details.

Details about Audrey Mestre Accident: 

For all the readers who wish to know the details related to her accident and death, then this section will help you explore the possible ends. To help with this, Audrey was looking forward to setting the world record in free diving, and she was going to attempt the break for 160 meters with no limits, a free diving world record.

To do so, she was attempting to practise dives, and in one of these, these went below 170 meters, but her sir tank had no gas, due to which she could not get up to the water level.

Audrey Mestre Apnee: Accident Details: 

To break this record that Tanya Streeter set, she had made three to four attempts every time; she dove a little deeper. But, in her third practice dive, she reached around 171 meters and tried opening the air valve in the air tank to inflate and rise. But there was no gas in the tank.

The rescue diver arrived to help inflate her airbag with the gas supply, but he too was unable to make her rise speedily enough, saving her life. Her husband later rescued her, but she was found dead by that time.

Audrey Mestre Accident: 

Audrey’s dive time was around 3 minutes which was extended to about 8 minutes due to all the chaos. After being rescued from the water, she was immediately rushed to the hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. This dive she was trying to attempt was already marked unsafe by the divers and did not stand upto their standard rule book.

It was also found that her body detected some movements and pulse after being rescued to the surface, but there was no medical help or doctor available, due to which she was not saved. Audrey Mestre Death is furthermore also filmed in a documentary where these live videos of her accident are shown in the film.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for the details of Audrey Mestre life, information about her death and accident, then she was found dead after making her dive attempts to break the record. She died in 2002, and a documentary was filmed on this incident.

Check out the Details for Audrey’s Documentary to know more. Has this article help you for the topic Audrey Mestre Accident? Please comment below.

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