How Did Michelle Ross Die? Know About Drag Queen Toronto Death, Obituary And Dr Dexter!

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Do you know who Michelle Ross was? Have you ever heard her name? Some of you must know about her already, but some of you don’t know about her. Michelle Ross was a famous drag performer who was born in Canada. But unfortunately, last year 27th March 2021, this well-known drag performer passed away.

But How Did Michelle Ross Die? This question is still a mystery for us. So, in this article, we will try to find out the cause of the death of Michelle Ross. Keep reading.

What was the cause of Michelle Ross’s death?

Michelle Ross was in her sixties when she passed away. It’s been more than a year, but the reason of her death is still unknown. It could be from a wrongful death or even from murder. Michelle Ross was a great person who was also a community advocate. Most of us know her as the Drag Queen of Toronto. But how it could be possible that Michelle Ross Drag Queen Toronto Death is still a mystery. 

Who was Michelle Ross?

Michelle Ross was most famous for being the Drag Queen of Toronto. She was also a popular advocate for the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities. She was a source of upliftment, a trailblazer, a world-famous entertainer, and a philanthropist. Her real name was Earl Barrington Shaw. Michelle Ross was her stage name. 

On 5th August 1954, she was born in Jamaica. She started her career as a Jamaican Canadian Drag Queen in 1974. She was the icon for Black Canadian members of the LGBTQ community. So, the Michelle Ross Obituary news broke the hearts of her fans and loved ones. It was indeed shocking news for everyone. She performed as the Drag Queen till the last day of her life. 

We cannot even imagine how much pain her family and friends felt at that time. But the most disturbing thing is that after more than a year, no one can find out the reason for her death. Maybe her family doesn’t want to disclose. The fans of Michelle Ross are still waiting to know about the cause of her death. But unfortunately, the reason behind her death is still unknown. 

Dr Michelle Ross Dexter:

Though Michelle Ross is no more, her name is still alive in her fan’s hearts. Even in the famous series Dexter, you can also find her name. In the 6th season of Dexter, Michelle Ross is a character portrayed by Rya Kihlstedt. In 6th season, Rya Kihlstedt performed as Dr. Michelle Ross, a famous psychiatrist. 

The Closing Thoughts:

We have to wait until the cause of Michelle Ross’s death comes to the public. Till then, we can only pray for her soul to rest in peace, and that’s it for today’s How Did Michelle Ross Die article. Click here to get detailed information about Dr. Michelle Ross

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