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Have you heard about the recent car accident? Do you know about the consequences of the accident? If you do not hear about the news, we will request you to follow the full article about Wildwood h2oi Crash. This deadly car accident happened in the United States

If you want to know more information about the car accident, please keep reading the article because soon we will reveal all the accident-related information. So, please continue to read the article thoroughly. 

What exactly happened?

In the area of Burk and Atlantic avenue at around 9:36 p.m. on Saturday, Wildwood Car Crash occurred. The car crash happened in an unsanctioned car event called H20i. According to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, a thirty-seven years old person named Gerald J. White was driving a 2003 Infinity. Suddenly he crashed into a 2014 Honda Civic. Not only the car, but Gerald J. White also crashed into two pedestrians. Do you want to know what happened further in the Wildwood Car Accident? Then please keep reading. 

The consequences of this fatal car crash:

Among the two passengers of the 2014 Honda Civic, one passenger, thirty-four-year-old Timothy Ogden from Clayton, New Jersey, passed away just after being admitted to the Atlantic Medical Center. And among the two pedestrians, one pedestrian, eighteen years old Lindsay Weakland from Carlise, Pennsylvania, passed away because of this deadly crash. 

Wildwood h2oi Death:

Because of the reckless driving of Gerald J. White, two people lost their lives. According to the family members of Timothy Ogden, he and his fiancé had left the Irish Fall Festival when the accident happened. There are no further details about Timothy’s fiancé. We don’t know where she is and how she is now. And there is also no further information about the second pedestrian. 

Wildwood Golf Cart Accident:

You will be amazed to know that this was not the only car crash that happened in Wildwood. On Sunday afternoon, another crash occurred in the golf cart with injuries. But according to the prosecutor’s office, there is no such information available. 


Gerald J. White’s father informed the police that it was not the first time his son was involved in a car crash. Police arrested Gerald after knowing What Happened at Wildwood. You can click here to learn about the road accidents that have happened in the US

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