Mygov Energy Help com Scam {Sep 2022} Read Details Here!

The write-up follows all the information on the Mygov Energy Help com Scam. So stay tuned till the last to explore more.

Have you ever been a victim of a scam? Nowadays, con artists and scammers are everywhere to scam people. And now people from the United Kingdom are reporting the scam text they are getting from scammers. Many of the citizens of the United Nations already get scammed. This article is for you if you aren’t aware of the Mygov Energy Help com Scam. This detailed article will discuss the My Government scam and other information about it.  

Information about the energy bill scam?

The news about the scam spread thoroughly in the United Kingdom when many people started receiving the text, and the text was claimed to be by the government. In the text, there was an invitation where people can get the energy bill support of $400. And the Mygov Energy Help com Scam text claims that the $400 energy bill will be automatically paid after applying for this support.

How people found out about the scam?

As it already looks suspicious from the text and $400 is a huge amount, many people were alerted and started tweeting about it. More people confirmed that they also received the same text and shared the screenshot of the text on the internet. 

How to report Mygov Energy Help com Scam

If you’ve received a suspicious text, here is how you can report it-

If you’ve received a suspicious text, here is how you can report it-

For email scams, you can report the mail to to NCSC

For SMS scams, you can report them by forwarding the SMS to 7726

For Website scams, you can report that URL directly to NCSC via their online form

You can report scam adverts to ASA via their online form.

How people can be safe from Mygov Energy Help com Scam

You can follow the measures we provided earlier to report the scam or ignore the text without clicking on any link or following any steps. To be safer, delete the text from the device.


The write-up provides important information about the Mygov energy scam and mentions how to report the scams. If you want to know more about the Mygov Energy Help com Scam, read here to explore additional details of Mygov scam .

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