Who Killed Kevin Bacon – Has Culprit Got Sentence From Court? How He Died? Is He Dead or Alive?

This article provides information on the case of Who Killed Kevin Bacon and told the users everything related to the culprit.

Did you hear about the Kevin Bacon Court Case? In the latest Kevin Bacon murder case hearing, a man named Mark David Latunski from the Shiawassee Country pledged guilty. The step taken by Mark shocked everyone in the United States, as the case has been going on since December 2019.

Check out the article to get every detail related to Who Killed Kevin Bacon and know about the court hearing verdicts in detail.

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Who is the main accuser behind this crime?

The main mastermind behind the death of Kevin Bacon is Mark Latunski. Mark was pledged guilty and taken into custody when the body was found in his basement. Mark and Kevin met on a dating app called grinder.

As per Mark’s confession, he took Kevin to his place where the whole incident happened, and it is also believed that Mark is into cannibalism which means he ate the body parts of Kevin. 

Kevin Bacon Death Sentence

After Mark pled guilty in court on September 22, 2022, the court took him into custody, and the hearing was done on October 18, 2022. The court decided whether Mark would be held for first- or second-degree murder or charged with manslaughter. 

The court hearing was held for 2 days as it started on Tuesday but eventually carried over to Wednesday morning. However, the court hasn’t yet disclosed the final verdict, but it is confirmed that Mark is charged with 1st-degree murder.

Kevin Bacon Death Sentence

What was the cause of Kevin’s death?

As per the police investigation report regarding Kevin Bacon Died and the confession Mark gave to the police, it is clear that Kevin’s death was because of the stabbing. After the stabbing, Mark slit his throat and hung his body to the rafters.

Mark also said that he ate some parts of Kevin. Kevin and Mark both have dark fetishes as Mark tells the officers about buying a dehydrator machine to make something out of Kevin’s muscle. 


Kevin’s body was found on December 28, 2019, after his parents filed a missing complaint when Kevin didn’t reach home for Christmas dinner. The date for the final sentence has not been fetched. 

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Is Kevin Bacon Alive: FAQs 

1 – Is Kevin Bacon still alive or not?

 No, he was found dead in Mark’s basement.

2 –  On which date Mark and Kevin met?

 They met on Christmas day through the grinder app.

3-  Is Mark a Cannibal?  

 Yes, he is a cannibal, and ate Kevin’s body.  

4 – Why is the case trending? 

 This case is trending because of the act of Cannibalism. This case is similar to the most trending case, Jeff Dahmer. The series made by Netflix has become the number 1 collectively for all the streaming channels. 

5 – What charges are put on Mark for the murder of Bacon?

 Mark is charged with first-degree murder.

6 – Is there anyone else found to be the culprit for Kevin Bacon Dead cause?

 No, Mark’s the only culprit who murdered Kevin.

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