Stanchion Ropes: A Guide to Buying Smart and Saving Big! 

You must have an important event coming up with numerous RSVPs to attend. Or maybe you are looking forward to showcasing your treasured merchandise before people. In either case, you must ensure you take proper crowd control methods. Stanchion rope is the most effective solution for managing crowds in public places. They help keep the crowd in check.

With a stanchion post and rope at the place, you can easily control the crowd, and these items will also act as a guide that will show which path the crowd should follow. There are several kinds of stanchion ropes available for people to choose from based on their needs and preferences. While buying cable for the stanchion, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

Tips for Buying the Right Rope

The stanchion post and rope will ensure that the crowd moves forward in discipline and the right direction as you want them to with safety. Find out some tips first to make a definite and informed choice. 

  • The Place of Installation: When buying a cable for the stanchion, the place of its installation needs to be considered. Based on the location, the material of the cable varies. The primary purpose is to ensure that you are not using a cable meant to be used indoors at an outdoor venue. For instance, if you use a velvet cable outside, you may get a wet cable after a night full of storms. That said, where you will install the rope matters.
  • Ensure the Material Matches Other Fixtures: You need to ensure that the cable’s end matches the finish of the barrier hook. Don’t make the wrong decision of ordering a cable end with a satin finish for a stanchion that is polished chrome. 
  • Choose Colors Creatively: The ropes are available in various color options. Instead of going for the same colors for all ropes and the stanchions, you can try mixing and matching some combinations for better coordination. For instance, if the venue has a lot of wood, choosing cable in green color will be the best choice. 
  • Right Rope Swag: Remember to have the right swag when buying the stanchion cable. The swag gets impacted by two main factors. One is the stanchion placement, and the other is the cable type.

Types of Rope Material

Below mentioned are a few commonly used materials that are used for making stanchion rope. 

  • Naugahyde: It has a rich look as it has a covering of leather-like material and the primary material is a heavy-duty cotton core. Ropes made of this material are available in five different colors and feel like it is made up of leather. However, the option contains the cleaning properties and durability of vinyl. 
  • Velvet or Velour Rope: It is an iconic stanchion rope that features the construction of a heavy-duty cotton core. The rope is draped smoothly to be used in between the stanchions. This particular type is available in a range of seven different colors. 
  • Polypropylene: This rope is a lightweight option but strong and UV resistant. It can also withstand wet weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. These ropes are tightly woven for better performance and durability. 
  • Economy Foam Core Ropes: For people who are tight on budget, ropes made from economy foam are the best solution. High-density foam is used to manufacture these ropes and therefore pertains to better draping characteristics. As the name suggests, the option is economical compared to the other options. 


Consider the location and the use for which you want stanchion rope to make the best choice. With so many options available, the pick may become overwhelming initially, but the tips mentioned above and material suggestions will help you decide better. Also, be mindful of your budget and the longevity of use to choose accordingly. 

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