Oxygen V/S Elemantor: Which one is best for you?

Both Oxygen V/S Elemantor are highly rated and trusted by millions of users globally. So, picking between Oxygen V/S Elemantor is indeed the toughest decision to make. Also, if you end up with the wrong WordPress site builder, you are left with the struggle to finish your website. 

If you were struggling with the selection process all this while, stress no more. In this article, we have tested both WordPress site builders- Oxygen and Elementor, for their core differences to help you make an informed decision in choosing the right builder. 

What is Elementor?

It is a robust free version, drag-and-drop kind of WordPress website builder. This builder is for basic sites; however, you do get the option to upgrade for advanced elements.  

For supporting this builder, an expanded ecosystem of plugins is there. Several third-party developers have allowed users to do more as they have created add-on elements. It even integrates with CMS, LMS, email marketing tools, and others quite easily. 

As per the data, by 2020, ELementor has garnered over 5 million installations. So, this makes it the most used and most installed plugin builder. 

What is Oxygen Builder?

It is a hybrid-themed and drag-and-drop WordPress website builder. This builder overrides your theme. It even provides you more control to manage the entire process effectively and efficiently. 

It is a builder great for developers and experienced designers wanting faster build-outs. However, it is a bit overwhelming for new developers and designers. So, you can connect with a professional Oxygen builder agency to get every possible assistance in creating a stunning website. 

Oxygen V/S Elemantor: The key features

The two WordPress site builders are targeting different developers. So, it is crucial to understand their key features to decide which among the two builders is that you need. 

Elementor feature focus is on pre-made elements. So, it allows the developers to build a website in no time. Contrarily, Oxygen builder is concerned more about flexibility and customization for the users. 

Features of Elementor

It has more than 90 widgets to help developers in designing their websites easily and efficiently. Out of the 90 widgets, around 30 are available for free in the basic version, whereas the other widgets are accessible only when you upgrade to the Elementor Pro. 

In addition, the builder offers highly responsive elements. Even the front-end editor makes the designing process easier and per the developers’ specific expectations. 

Features of Oxygen

It comes with more than 30 basic as well as advanced widgets. However, there are provisions to add other locks as well, and it is feasible through premium add-ons. 

It provides the class system for making mass edits of any specific object. The developers can add display conditions without code easily and efficiently. They are even capable of creating custom conditions with the use of the Application Programming Interface (API). 

All these made the builder powerful for most developers; however, the same turned out to be confusing and complex for new developers. 

Oxygen V/S Elemantor: The ease of use 

Comparing the two builder plugins, the ease of use varies greatly. Both Elementor and Oxygen builders are built with the use of the drag-and-drop format. But, still, the layout of both the builders is entirely different. 

While Oxygen is presented as a drag-and-drop WordPress website builder for developers, Elementor is inclined more toward helping new users to build websites. 

Oxygen VS Elementor: Page Speed

Earlier, the winner of the page speed competition was undoubtedly Oxygen. However, the Eliminator is all set to close the gap. The team at Elementor is working hard to reduce code bloat and improve the page speed. 

Still, as it is a drag-and-drop builder specifically designed for beginners, Elemntor is a little slower and, therefore, requires optimizations. 


This was all about Oxygen and Elementor builders. While Oxygen works perfectly for main pages, Elemnetor is very easy to use and fills the gap in terms of performance and speed. It is indeed a robust and intuitive builder. You can either choose the one that suits your needs.

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