Who Is Everleigh Soutas Real Dad: How Is Rose Related To Them? What Happened To Tommy Smith And Lebrant Family? What Is The Cause Of Her Dad Death?

The post discusses Who Is Everleigh Soutas Real Dad and elaborates further information.

Are you wondering who Everleigh is and why she is currently trending across the internet Worldwide? We are sure multiple questions are running in your mind as of now. Thus, we bring in a detailed article to eliminate any speculation and provide readers with well-researched information.

In this article, we will be covering a detailed insight into who Eveleigh is, who is Lebrant family and why she is in the news. Besides, we will also throw light on Who Is Everleigh Soutas Real Dad.

What Happened to Everleigh’s Dad?

Have you all watched the YouTube channel named “The LaBrant Family”? The vlogging channel is quite popular Worldwide and is run by Cole and his wife, Savannah LaBrant. However, the channel and two characters, Savannah LaBrant and Everleigh, are currently in the news.

According to sources, Everleigh is the daughter of Savannah from Tommy Smith, who is her ex-boyfriend. The girl used to spend her time split between her mom and dad. However, Tommy Smith’s girlfriend confirmed Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad Death through her Instagram account, which has stirred curiosity amongst the fans. Furthermore, we will look more into the details about Everleigh and the latest update about the news.

A Gist About Who is Everleigh

  • Everleigh is the eldest daughter of Savannah LaBrant
  • As per sources, Savannah and Tommy Smith dated from 2012 to 2016
  • However, the former went on to marry Cole, who is the father of her three younger kids
  • Everleigh used to split time between her mom and dad
  • Besides, Savannah, in a 2018 video released on her YouTube channel, called her relationship with Smith toxic.

What Happened to the Lebrant Family?

As per research, the LaBrant family and Tommy Smith were co-parenting their daughter Everleigh. Besides, the two families also got together on Father’s Day in 2020 so that the little girl could spend time with her biological and stepfather.

According to sources, Tommy Smith was 29 years of age and is speculated to have suffered a seizure induced by fentanyl on 09 September 2022l as per one of his friends. However, no official reports have been divulged by the family.

The news was released by Courtney Santaella, Tommy Smith’s girlfriend, on Instagram, speculating on Who is Everleigh Rose. Besides, there is no further information about the cause of his death shared by the family.

Final Conclusion

Besides Everleigh, Savannah LaBrant has three more children, Posie, Zealand and Sunday, who are 3 years, 2 years and 3 months old. All information here is taken from internet sources. We do not claim any details provided here.

In addition, nothing is currently shared on The LaBrant Family YouTube channel about Smith’s death. If you wish to know more about Who Is Everleigh Soutas Real Dad, then do read.

Do you, too, follow the LaBrant Family YouTube channel? Do share your opinions and feedback in the comments section.

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