What Is Pop Smoke Autopsy Report? Who Is He? Get The Knowledge Here!

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Are you aware of the death of a famous rapper? You have no idea! In today’s discussion, we are sharing a crucial piece of information. The news belongs to a famous rapper who died at an early age.

The news is the topic of discussion among the people of the United Statesand they are eager to know Pop Smoke Autopsy ReportSo, in the entire discussion, we will discuss this news and check its reliability through the following points.

What about the Autopsy Report of a famous rapper?

Pop singer murdered in 2020. He died very early, and his fan was in shock. After his death, everyone was waiting for the final autopsy report. The certificate clearly mentions that he has died due to a gunshot wound in the chest.

He was murdered on 19th February 2020; it has clearly been stated in the report that it was not a suicidal death. An autopsy has performed immediately after the pop smoke death.

Who Is Pop Smoke?

Pop Smoke was a well-known celebrity in the USA and achieved great success early. Pop Smoke’s name is given by his fan; in reality, his full name was Bashar Barakah Jackson. He was born on 20th July 1999 in Canarsie, Brooklyn, and raised in the same city.

He started his musical journey in 2018 by launching his debut single, MPR. He had started university but never completed it and had not been wedded. He was related to Panamanians via his father and Jamaicans through his mother.

What says Pop Smoke Autopsy Report?

The autopsy was conducted just after the death, but the autopsy report has now been discussed on the online platform. The autopsy report revealed many facts, such as the cause of death was a deep gunshot wound on his chest.

It was a murder due to a robbery, not a suicide, and the time of death mentioned in the report is 5.12 am. If the viral report is genuine, Pop Smoke shots around 4.30 am. It shows he has fought for life for around 45 minutes. Although the American Lung Association said, it was enough time to perform a left thoracotomy if responded immediately. After viral news, many peoples asked Who Is Pop Smoke and continuously searched for his name on search engines.

Pop Smoke was the son of a Jamaican mother and a Panamanian father. He has one elder brother called Obasi. Through his upbringing, he has changed nine schools in Canarsie, Brooklyn. In his childhood, he played African drums in his local church. During his school time, he has expelled from school for a charge of keeping weapons. Due to this charge, he was on house arrest for two years. He has seen many health issues early but overcame them and led a successful career.


In the news article on Pop Smoke Autopsy Reportwe have discussed all the essential points that will assist our readers in knowing the real cause of a famous rapper. Visit Pop Smoke   and learn about his career and earnings.

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