What Did Kelly Ripa Say About Regis? Who Is Michael Strahan? Check About The Talks In Her Book

Let’s find out the real truth about Kelly and Regis friendship and What Did Kelly Ripa Say About Regis in her book. Stay tuned to know facts.

Are you excited about Kelly Ripa’s new book? Did you get the one, or are you wondering what she says about her ex-co-host in the book? If you bought the book, you might know the hype and Ripa’s opinion on Regis. Almost everyone in the United States wants to know What Did Kelly Ripa Say About Regis in her recent book. To know the details keep reading the article till the last.

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The Real Truth of Kelly Ripa and Regis

In her book Live Wire, Kelly Ripa said that the truth is far beyond what audiences watch on television while sitting in their homes. She said that people thought they were good friends, but in reality, they never socialized much except during the show, and their interaction became even less after the Regis left the show. However, in her book Kelly describe Regis as friendly, warm, and a person who is willing to go above and beyond for his fans. 

Kelly Ripa Book About Regis

Kelly said in her book, that when she first appeared as a guest host. She noticed that Regis was taking snaps, signing autographs, and talking to the audience, especially with the young women who traveled far to see him. 

Earlier, Ripa was blamed for making Regis choose to leave the show. Regis has mentioned several times in his statement that he chose to leave the show due to his age because it’s being almost thirty years since he was hosting the live show. He started his career in 1983 and worked till 2011 when he announced his retirement. Read the post completely to learn more about Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan Book.

Michael Strahan quitted the show with Kelly and Regis on 13th May 2019. He break his silence and said he was not threatened but were asked to leave the show. It was believed at that time that Kelly is reason for his exit from the show. The news of blaming her came just after the Ripa and Regis celebrated their tenth anniversary as co-hosts. 


Though Kelly Ripa and Regis were not best friends in real life, and they share limited time behind the screen. However, Kelly is not responsible for Regis’s retirement, as people blamed her earlier. To know more detail about Kelly’s opinion on Regis click here

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