Marilao Mayor Accident-Is He In Bulacan? Is He A Vice Mayor? Checkout All Info Now!

Grab the Marilao Mayor Accident details with the real truth of the accident and its causes. Read further and stay tuned with us.

Are you aware of the accident that happened with the mayor of Bulacan? If not, stay connected with us to know every detail of this painful incident. The news channels of the Philippines are loaded with the news of Bulacan’s mayor’s accident in which he lost his life. This accident was extremely heartbreaking, so to know the detail of the Marilao Mayor Accident, keep reading the article till last.


Brief about Mayor Ricardo Silvestre’s Car Crash 

Bulacan’s Mayor Ricardo Silvestre passed away at age 65 in a road accident on October 9th, Sunday afternoon. He was tangled in a road accident with his secretary Rodel Alcantara and his driver in a white Toyota Land Cruiser. The car was driven by his driver. His car met up with the crash in Clark Freeport. 

According to the reports, the vehicle hit the electrical post and moved leftward. The accident was so dangerous that the electrical post was moved from its original place, and the SUV’s front part was severely damaged. 

Mayor Marilao Bulacan

The accident happened at the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), with his secretary, at the time of the accident. According to the authorities, the driver might have fallen asleep when the car crashed. However, all three were taken to the Medical City Clark, where Ricardo Silvestre passed away. His daughter confirmed the news. Though the driver and his secretary get wound in the accident, they are safe now. 

The Daniel Fernando of the Bulacan Government shows deep grief over the death of Silvestre. To know more about Marilao Bulacan Vice Mayor, read the post till last.

A road is a dangerous place where hundreds of accidents lead to many death across the entire globe. Thus, drivers are always asked to drive safely still some people lose their life due to the carelessness of either or someone else. So, we highly suggest everyone drive slow and carefully. 


Bulacan’s Mayor Ricardo Silvestre met with an accident on Sunday, October 9, with his secretary, where Silvestre lost his life. Though the authorities clarified no reason for the accident, they said the driver could have fallen asleep while driving. To know more about Bulacan accidents click here

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