North Carolina Hickory Bridge: Is Hickory North Carolina Bridge Collapse? Grab Full Details On Hickory Bridge!

The death of a man while crossing the North Carolina Hickory Bridge is a result of faulty GPS technology.

Do you know? A man from North Carolina has died after he has followed the GPS to a bridge which does not exist. The bridge had collapsed nine years ago but still the GPS had shown its existence. The incident has been reported to call out the lacunas in the GPS system by the citizens in the United States. The man based in Hickory had been following the GPS and died while crossing North Carolina Hickory Bridge. We shall see this incident extensively in this article.


Hickory Man Dies while Crossing Hickory River

Our intention in this article is to get you the most accurate information about the horrific incident that has happened in Hickory. The man, who was crossing the river, had been returning from his nine year old daughter’s birthday. The man named Philip John Paxson was driving over a bridge while looking at the GPS but the bridge wasn’t there. The time was around 11 pm and therefore lights were dim. 

This persuades us to look into the history or event of Hickory North Carolina Bridge Collapse which collapsed in 2013. After a culvert washed away, the bridge collapsed and has not been constructed since then. According to media reports citing the statements of family members, Philip had no idea about the broken bridge. 

Alicia Paxson, the wife of the deceased, has told the reporters that while going to the party the two daughters of the couple were with Philip. But when coming back, she went with two daughters and Philip was alone.  On 1 October morning, she woke up to see that her husband wasn’t home. 

The Probe into Accident at Hickory Bridge North Carolina 

A man named Jon Hopson saw the car of Paxson in a creek that morning. He told the media persons that the people are sad. They have been fighting for years to get this bridge repaired. The North Carolinian Department of Transportation has not been careful about the maintenance of the road.  Even after repeated instances, no barriers were put on the bridge for at least someone to see that there is no road ahead. 


Paxson was working as a health manager in a leading device sales company. After the collapse of the bridge in 2013, this is the most horrific incident that has happened on North Carolina Hickory Bridge. It has also called out the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities which should be corrected as soon as possible. To know more, see North Carolina Man Dies After Driving on Bridge to Nowhere

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