What Did Kanye West Say Reddit: Did Yeezy Make Comments? Do They Created Controversy?

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What statement is given by Kanye West going viral on Reddit?

Kanye has posted about the Jewish community on Reddit, and on his post, people are commenting and depicting their opinion about the celebrity thought. He claims that black suffering is benefited from and inspired in music and that black athletes are exploited, primarily by the Jewish community.

He alleged that a black 13th tribe of Israel existed, focusing on a completely baseless conspiracy. As a result, all black people are Jewish.

What Did Kanye West Do Reddit?

Kanye through his post, tries to show his pain of discrimination. After his post, people thought Kanye would be treated badly. Posting comments on Redditt raises more questions about the Kanye Post.

Who is Kanye West, and why is he so popular?

He is an American rapper, composer, music producer, and fashion designer known as Kanye West. He is globally popular as one of the most influential hip-hop musicians and producers and one of his decade’s best musicians.

Kanye West is a Grammy Award-winning rapper, music producer, and clothing designer who is not afraid to speak his mind.

What are Comments on Reddit?

Kanye West Comments Reddit are not good for the Jewish people as per the facts. He has not stopped here, even though he posted a pic where he spoke with Diddy. This celebrity post is going to trend on various social media platforms. Users are curious to know about the statement given by him. Check link for Reddit comment below in the FAQs

Everywhere Kanye has made anti-Semitic and white supremacist comments. Most users cannot find what he said and ask for the link via the comment section. People are also interested to know What Comments Did Yeezy Make Reddit?

After the controversy, Adidas has broken its partnership with Kanye West. Adidas Yeezy branded products accounted for 10% of the industry’s yearly profit.

Adidas has severed ties with Ye, the music producer and fashion designer previously recognized as Kanye West, ending a collaboration that made the company billions but was tainted by the artist’s repeated antisemitic and offensive statements.

After ignoring the statement for weeks on the collaboration status, the German-based athletic gear manufacturer released a statement on Tuesday saying, after a comprehensive review, the company has decided to suspend the collaboration with Ye immediately. 

Due to controversy over What Did Kanye West Say Reddit, Adidas ended manufacturing Yeezy branded products and ceased all installments to Ye and his companies.” Adidas will discontinue the Adidas Yeezy business immediately.” 

Did any other brand also end their collaboration with Kanye?

Yes, Kanye not only lost his collaboration with Adidas after his comments on the Jewish community. Even he lost his partnership with another major brand like Balenciaga, Vogue and gap.

The people also say that Kanye is banned from major social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. On this platform, he cannot say anything.

What Did Kanye West Do Reddit?

He has made antisemitic statements on reddit and comes into controversy. After his statement, the famous German sportswear company Adidas ended its partnership with Kanye. His statement is the center of discussion on various social media platforms. Social media users are giving their opinions about his statements.

After ending its partnership with Adidas, many memes and funny videos are trending on social media. People are assuming that this controversy and the end of the collaboration with Adidas will bring a huge financial loss for Kanye. It can lead to major diminish in his net worth.

Are comments responsible for a huge loss in Net worth?

As per the report, Kanye West Comments Reddit is facing a loss without Adidas’ collaboration. However, his present net worth is around $400 million. The study shows that celebrity income generated from his music record and fashion design is around $130. 

Even remaining revenue comes from real estate, cash, music catalog and 5% from his ex-wife’s shapewear firms known as Skims. It has been now declared that he has fallen from the list of billionaires after the end of his 1.5 billion dollars collaboration with.


Kanye West is facing loss of collaboration with Adidas due to ongoing controversy. Currently, he is facing a decrease in his net worth as well. 

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What Did Kanye West Say Reddit-FAQs-

Q1. Is there a link to check Kanye’s statement?

Yes, you can check his Twitter handle by clicking here.


Q2. What is Kanye’s official name adopted last year?

Kanye is also known as “Ye.”

Q3. Did he ban social media platforms?

Rumors are spreading, but he is still silent on this discussion.

Q4. How much beard was lost by Adidas due to Kanye’s statement?

A well-known brand suffers a huge loss because of a celebrity statement.

Q5. Are major companies ending their collaboration with him?

Yes, apart from Adidas, many other leading branded companies also terminated their collaboration with him.

Q6. What Did Kanye West Say Reddit controversy affected his net worth?

Kanye suffered huge losses in his earnings due to his statement.

Q7. When did all the controversy start?

All the controversy started during Paris fashion week when he legally changed his name to Ye and wore a t-shirt with the message white lives matter

Q8. When Adidas banned him?

He got banned from Adidas on 25th October.

Q9. What is the loss of Adidas because of Kanye West?

It was $ 650.

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