British Host Radio Dies Of Cancer: Also Know Radio Presenter Tim Gough Cause Of Death On Air!

Scroll down our article, and you will read details that will help you know about British Host Radio Dies Of Cancer and Tim Gough death cause.

Do you know the name of the British host who died of Cancer? Have you ever heard of any British radio show before? While surfing the web to know all the updates you find in our articles, is this statement correct?

A piece of sad news has been viral that a British host has died, and people worldwide get shocked and search for various information about the British Host Radio Dies Of Cancer. 


British host died due to Cancer:

Recently shocking news has arrived for the world that a British radio host had lost his life at the age of 61 years due to Cancer. Gordon Spark has been working with the BBC for 32 years and hosts a popular show called Devon Breakfast Show.

Gordon has spent his last few days at St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth, although he died on 16th October 2022. After his demise, many stars sent their condolences from the Olympic swimmer to other personalities. Many people still doubt that British Host Radio Dies On Air, but the answer to this question is no.

How long did Gordon Spark suffer from Cancer?

Gordon Spark died on 16th October 2022 due to his cancer for the last 17 years. Spark also tweeted that he is going to the hospital because his health has deteriorated.

Stephine Marshall, the head of South West BBC, was the first lady to announce the death of Gordon Spark via a tweet, where she also wrote Spark was a radio legend and BBC will always miss him.

Radio Presenter Tim Gough Cause Of Death:

Recently an incident occurred where Radio presenter Tim lost his life while on air on 24th October 2022. The news has been viral and tells him he might die due to the vaccine he took. 

Some sources have also told us that it has been a conspiracy by the anti-vaccine activists who do not want to add the covid-19 vaccine to their bodies. Genx Radio officials learned he lost his life due to a heart attack.

Suddenly he falls into the room of the studio, and other members enter and stop the show and try to check on Tim. It was late, and unfortunately, another good British Host Radio Dies On Air, Tim Gough. 

Twitter of Gordon Sparks:

Gordon Sparks used to stay active on social media, and before he was admitted to the hospital on 12th October, he tweeted (check Twitter link in the FAQs) and gave information to all of his fans about his health. 

You will be amazed to know he also tweeted on 15th October that he appreciated the medical team for the treatment they are doing for Gordon Sparks.

The net worth of Gordon Sparks and Tim Gough:

  • Gordon Sparks has gained $8 million until October 2022. The show he was hosting is considered one of the hit shows on the BBC. 
  • While looking for British Host Radio Dies Of Cancer details, we also find the net worth of Tim Gough, which is near about 2 million dollars. 

Some updated information on Gordon Sparks:

Real Name Gordon Sparks
Age 61
Birth Year 1961
Net worth $8 Million
Family details N/A

Some updated information about Tim Gough:

Real Name Tim Gough
Age 55 years
Birth Year 1967
Net worth $2 Million
Family details N/A


Recently two famous Radio presenters Gordon Sparks and Tim Gough died on 16th October and 24th October. Gordon died due to cancer and Tim died due to heart attack.

Have you ever heard the shows of both popular radio presenters before? Please comment below. 

British Host Radio Dies Of Cancer: FAQs

Q.1 How many years of Gordon Sparks?

He was 61 years old at the time of his death.

Q.2 At which date Gordon Spark lost his life?

He passed away on 16th October.

Q.3 For how long did he work for BBC Radio?

He worked for almost 32 years.

Q.4 What is the net worth of Gordon Spark?

8 million dollars.

Q.5 Who gave the death news of Gordon Sparks?

Stephine Marshall, head of BBC South West Radio.

Q.6 Is there any Social media account related to Gordon Sparks?

He remains very active on his Twitter network

Q.7 What was the show Gordon Sparks did?

BBC Radio Devon breakfast show.

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