How to Update Your Profile Picture Using the Best Trends With Newprofilepicture Com Free

New Profile Pic is the latest trend for incredible profile pictures. It’s free to download, but how exactly does it work?

Once in a while, you need a new profile pic, right? You can use a recent picture, a cute old picture of you or a recent one with some AI artwork. If you use an old one of you and it has not an excellent resolution, you can upscale your image easily with the help of AI. If you like to make real artwork of your profile pic, keep reading!

1. What is NewProfile Pic

NewProfile Pic is a profile pic app you can get on AppStore or PlayStore, depending on your smartphone. As it was released, and went viral, the app was number one in photos on the Apple app store and has been rated 25,000 times on Google Play.

The idea behind this app is to make your profile image look like a beautiful painting, based on a photo you uploaded. All this is created using artificial intelligence, proving how technology can go far and beyond all of our expectations. People on social media are using it and generating paintings of themselves, celebrities or even pets. But how does it work?

2. How to use NewProfile Pic?

Step 1: Like any app you want to use, firstly download it on your phone or use it directly via the website.

Step 2: Once the installation is done, select and upload an image from your photo library. 

Step 3: After selecting an image, you’ll have to choose through a variety of filters and photo effects the style you want for your image. Image styles include art effects, toony filters and cartoon effects. 

Step 4: Choose the effects you want, click done to activate the process and finally download your image. In this process, a facial recognition algorithm is used.

You can now use the downloaded image to upgrade your profile pictures on different social media platforms. The app is free, so you can use it whenever you want, with different images.

3. What is facial recognition algorithm? 

Facial recognition is a technology that can identify and verify a person’s identity based on their facial features, using machine learning. 

As soon as you submit your image, the algorithm employed in facial recognition immediately kicks into action, analyzing your face with precision and extracting a range of facial features. Common features are; the distance between your eyes, the contours of your face, as well as the shape of your nose and mouth. Based on the effects you choose to apply to your image, the algorithm uses a style transfer technique to transfer the facial features of the person onto the style of the painting. Finally, the algorithm generates a new image that combines the facial features of your image with the effects selected.

All this being said, you can question yourself on how the app is using your personal data, and do they stocked all these images and most important, is the app safe.

4. The controversy behind NewProfile Pic?

Before using any app, carefully read its privacy policies of it to avoid misunderstanding. You have to know how your data are treated and how the app will manage them. 

When this app went viral on the internet, people started digging to find who owns the app and where it is located. Many investigations proved that the company is not located in Moscow, Russia but has an office in Russia. 

Using the app means that you allow the company to receive and use personal information such as your location, name, email address, username, and social network information. 

In a time where tensions and wars are turbulent in Eastern Europe, people may think that all of that data is collected for Russia’s government, but the company stated that “they do not share any information in a way that is not listed in their privacy policy”.

5. Why should you pay attention to your personal information on the internet?

Your personal information is valuable information that can be used to track or identify you. This can be used by cybercriminals to steal your identity and commit fraud. With your location, name, email address, and photo so much can be done to commit a crime on your behalf. You have to protect yourselves, using VPNs to secure your traffic online and protect your personal information.

Furthermore, companies can use your personal information to target you with ads and promotions. So if you don’t want to be targeted online you have to keep all your information private. Stay in control by sharing only what you want to ensure that your online presence reflects your values and intentions.


If you want a trendy profile picture, NewProfile Pic is an app for you. You will be able to generate tons of beautiful illustrations. Not just with photos of yourselves but also things such as your pet, your home and even a painting of yourselves. Nevertheless, you must be very careful about the photos you give access to, because they may contain sensitive information that can infringe your privacy. The Internet is a sensitive area and it is important to be well-informed about the privacy policies of an application before using it.

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