How to Edit PDFs Like A Pro

With so many different types of documents now shared in PDF format, it is increasingly necessary to know how to create and edit content on a PDF. In the past, it was a painfully tedious process. First, you had to find a PDF editor that could be used to both open and edit PDFs. 

A revolution in the way we use and share documents and the need to go paperless has led to the development of powerful new PDF tools that are easier to use and affordable. One such tool is UPDF. UPDF is one of the only tools in the market that combines efficiency with ease of use, allowing you to edit a PDF document even if you’re a beginner.  

In this guide, we will show you how to use UPDF to edit all aspects of a PDF document. 

Editing a PDF with UPDF 

Unlike other editing tools, UPDF allows you to edit both the text and images on a PDF document. The process is simple and you can change everything about the document including the font color, font size, and more. 

To show you how, let’s take one element at a time, starting with text. 

How to Edit, Text, Images, and Links with UPDF 

To edit the text, images, and links on a PDF document, follow these simple steps; 

Step 1: Open the PDF 

Download and install UPDF on your computer. UPDF is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Open the program and click on the “Open File” button to import the document you want to edit. 

You can also just drag and drop the document onto the main window to open it. 

Step 2: Select the Editing Tool 

With the document open in UPDF, you are now ready to begin editing it. 

You should see various icons on the left that correspond to the tools you need to edit the file. 

Click on the “Edit PDF” icon to open the PDF editing tools. 

Step 3: Edit the Text 

You should see various options to edit the elements on the document at the top. 

To edit the text, click on “Text” and then select the section of the text that you want to edit. 

You can then just type in any text to replace the existing text, add new text or use the options that appear to change the font style, font color, and font size as needed. 

Step 4: Edit Images 

To make changes to the images on the document, select “Image” at the top and then double-click on the image you’d like to edit. 

With the image selected, you should see the options to rotate the image, extract the image, crop the image to change its size, replace it with another image, and even delete the image. 

Step 5: Edit Document Links 

To add a hyperlink to the text or images on the document, click on the “Link” option at the top and select the text or images you want to add the link to. 

You can then choose to add a link to a webpage or a particular page on the document. 

How to Edit, Text, Images, and Links with UPDF

How to Properly Manage PDFs After Editing 

UPDF is a complete PDF management tool, meaning that you can do so much more than just edit the text, images, and links on it. There are so many options to manage the document in various ways after editing, including; 

  • Protect the PDF 

If the PDF you are working on contains sensitive information, you can lock PDF from editing UPDF’s password protection features. The permissions password you add can prevent unauthorized individuals from editing, copying, or printing the content on the document. 

To protect your PDF, click on the “Protect Using Password” icon from the options on the right pane. 

Then from the options click on the first option to add a “document open” password if you want to restrict the opening of the file or a “permissions” password if you would like to restrict copying and editing. 

In each case, enter the password you’d like to use, confirm the password, and then click “Apply.”

  • Add a Signature to the PDF 

If there is content on the document that requires authorization or authentication, the best way to do it is to add a signature. 

To do that, click on the “Comment” icon from the tools on the left. Select the “Signature” tool at the top and click “Create.”

In the dialogue box that appears, use your keyboard or mouse to draw the signature you’d like to use and click “Create.” 

You can then click on any section of the document to add the signature. You can then use UPDFs protection features to Lock PDF from Editing after signature

  • Share PDF 

UPDF also makes it very easy to share the document with others. 

You can click on the “Send the File By Email” option on the right to open your email client and share the file. 

You can also choose to share a link to the file. To do that, click on the “Share this File With Others” icon and choose “Share a Link” to create a link or “Share with Others” to add email addresses that you can send the document to directly. 

  • Organize PDF 

You can also use UPDF to change the order of the pages on the document in any way that you desire. 

To do that, click on the “Organize Pages” icon from the options on the left. This will open a page view of all the pages on the document along with various options at the top. 

Click on “Insert” if you would like to add a new page. 

Drag and drop the pages to change their order. 

To make changes to a specific page, click on it to select it and then choose “Extract,” “Replace” or “Rotate.”

You can click on “Split” to split the document into smaller documents. 

How to Properly Manage PDFs After Editing

Final Thoughts 

UPDF’s free trial version allows you to try out all these features and more completely free. Get 54% off UPDF Pro and experience unlimited features at a fraction of the cost. 

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