See How Easily You Can Rearrange PDF

If you are looking for a simple way to rearrange pages in a PDF file, the free program called PDFsam is just what you need. You can arrange your pages manually or automatically, delete unnecessary ones and extract just those that matter most. Plus, you can split large files into smaller chunks to make them easier to work with and share as needed.

Arrange Pages

You can arrange pages by dragging and dropping them. To rearrange PDF page, click on the page you want to move and drag it to where you want it, then release it. You can also use the buttons at the top of each page to arrange it in different ways:

  • To keep a page on top when all other pages are closed or minimized, click ‘Keep on Top’ at the bottom left corner of that page.
  • To align two pages side by side (and fill out as much space as possible), click ‘Align Left’ or ‘Align Right’ next to those two pages.

“When you use the Adobe Acrobat online tool for this, you can smoothly set up the required file using any web browser.”

Delete Pages

To delete a page from a PDF:

  • Go to the first page of your PDF, which you want to delete.
  • Open up the PDF inspector by clicking on the “More” icon in the top right corner, then selecting “Inspector” or pressing Command+Opt+I (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows).
  • Click on “Pages” under ‘Document Information’ and then click on “Select All Pages” at the bottom of the pop-up window under ‘Delete Pages From Selection’.

Rotate Pages

To rotate a page, first, open the PDF file in your PDF reader. Then, select the “Rotate Page” tool from the toolbar at the top of your screen and click on the page you want to rotate. There are four ways to rotate pages: 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees and upside-down (450). You can also use these options for multiple pages by selecting more than one with your mouse or dragging them into an area on screen where only one handle is available.

Extract Pages

Select the ones you want to extract and click the Extract Pages icon on the toolbar to extract pages.

In the Save As dialog box that opens, choose a destination folder for your extracted files. If you want to overwrite existing files at this location, ensure there’s nothing important in it first; otherwise, choose a folder where you don’t mind overwriting existing files if necessary.

Split PDF

The Split function is a great feature that allows you to divide your PDF into single pages or sections of selected pages. You can choose to split the document into several different chunks by page ranges, size, or a number of pages.

  • Split by Page Range

This function allows you to split your PDF into separate parts based on your selected page range. Simply click “Split” from within My Documents and then select this option from the drop-down menu above your document’s preview window. 

1-5 (this will create 5 separate documents in total)

1-10 (this will create 10 separate documents in total)

In this article, you’ve looked at how to arrange your PDF files and manage them by deleting pages, rotating them or even extracting just the text.

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