5 Best PDF Editors for College Students

The technological resources available to those who need to edit PDF files for study, work, or personal reasons are constantly expanding and evolving. For this reason, it is customary to visit forums and Internet sites to learn about the innovations in this field, to ask for advice, and to receive recommendations on which PDF editors are the best and what features they have.

While some alternatives require a certain amount of money in exchange for their use, there are many, and very good, free options for removing content, replacing paragraphs, and customizing material. The online pdf to word format is very handy for college assignments, and the write me an essay service recommends using it when a student writes an essay or research paper. 

Below we will share interesting data on numerous PDF editors, detailing their most outstanding aspects as well as their shortcomings or arguments “against”, to provide a list that will be useful when it comes to knowing, recommending, choosing, or rejecting programs that allow you to create and modify files saved in PDF format. 

Nitro PDPro, Nitro Software

Windows users who need to view and/or modify text in PDF format have Nitro PDF Pro, whose trial version is highly rated and recommended worldwide.

This alternative uses a simple interface (no previous experience with editors or advanced technical knowledge is required) and interesting tools (which are not difficult to access) to position itself as one of the best PDF editors. With this alternative, you can sign documents, extract images, partially underline content and add comments, as well as convert other files (such as Word or PowerPoint) to PDF.

If you have to work with several records at the same time, some tabs make it faster and easier to edit and view them in parallel. Because it complements Nitro Cloud, materials created from scratch or edited can be distributed over the network. The best dissertation writing services suggest that you take a closer look at this program.


  • Free and fast.


  • Not open source. There are crashes or delays when downloading multiple files at the same time.

Smallpdf, Smallpdf AG

The combination of ease of use through a simple interface and a set of limited but useful tools puts Smallpdf among the best PDF editors to emerge in recent years.

Although image quality is degraded when exporting files with this freeware and there are some delays in compressing heavy documents and saving them in certain formats, it is a very convenient option to work with. With Smallpdf, you can, for example, fill out forms, electronically sign contracts, and edit PDF content by adding annotations or images. You can also merge PDFs, compress them, and separate pages.

It also has excellent cross-platform compatibility (it supports conversion to Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, to name a few features for reference) and provides password protection to keep files secure, allowing you to manage your materials with confidence and freedom.


  • It’s secure, online, free, and requires no app download or installation.


  • Not as effective at exporting and/or compressing files. Features are basic.

Adobe Acrobat DC – Reader and Pro, Adobe Systems

There is a wide range of free editors and programs for reading PDF files, but few programs are as effective and recommended as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Pro DC.

This first option, with which you can read and print documents, is not difficult to implement. In addition, it allows you to store and save materials in the brand cloud, has multiple tabs open at the same time, and puts a digital signature.

It is worth considering that the version called Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers more features (related to the creation, editing, and protection of PDF files), although you have to pay a certain amount of money to use it. If you want to familiarize yourself with it before investing in it, take advantage of the trial mode. 

However, many of those who have already used it say on forums and various Internet sites that it is worth paying a subscription fee for the quality and variety of services provided. Including watermarks, adding web links, cropping, and adding images to content are some of the features available to those who choose Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is easy to use and compatible with many programs.


  • There is a fee to edit PDF documents.

PDF – Xchange Editor Tracker Software

PDF- Xchange Editor offers a free alternative, although it is convenient to use the full potential of this creation in its paid version, as it provides excellent quality without requiring a fortune. Creating, commenting, and sending a PDF document for editing becomes more convenient with this offering.

Among the benefits that put it among the best PDF editors is the ability to add QR codes, the use of clickable links, listen to parts of the content if you prefer to read aloud, and set up menus so that the toolbar displays what you need. This development even allows you to protect sensitive material and enter informative root stamps.

Although the most advanced features and absolute freedom of working with this software are provided for those who pay the license fee, most users say they are satisfied with the free platform and admit to being satisfied with the paid PDF-Xchange Editor service.


  • Considering all the resources it provides, it is economical.


  • Watermarks cannot be removed from the free version.

Soda PDF LULU Software

Soda PDF has won several awards as one of the best PDF editors to date. According to the developers, the program provides “absolute control” over files, allowing you to edit and convert them and making it easy to create documents.

Inserting links, adding or removing page labels, splitting and merging files, signing contracts electronically, and creating fillable forms – these are the alternatives offered by this program developed by LULU Software. It is worth noting that Soda PDF Online, as the name suggests, is a module that allows you to use it online and connects your Soda PDF account with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services.

Soda PDF has Standard and Pro versions, both paid. Customers get access to free upgrades and have the option to request a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. Another service you can take advantage of is unlimited technical support for any questions or problems with the product.


  • This is a professional tool with lots of tools and technical support.


  • Some users report the unstable operation of the program, especially when upgrading.

If you have more suggestions of the best PDF editors, please share them with us!

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