HIX AI Writer vs. Simplified: Which is the Best?

Generative, pre-trained AI services are fast replacing humans as the chief creators of the world’s content. Today, almost half of the global population relies on AI for their basic writing needs, such as academic articles, blog posts, emails and even anniversary wishes. 

The reason for the heavy reliance on AI is not surprising. Artificially intelligent technology produces content about 10x faster than human beings. That’s not all. Most AI software are super accurate, up-to-date and combine a wide array of efficient writing tools without compromising on human readability. 

In addition, they are very cost effective, especially when compared to hiring human writers. However, despite the increasing AI adoption, there seems to be no end to the problem of choice. With dozens of GPT-powered tools flooding the market, it’s usually difficult to select one out of many. 

Two of these top options among users are HIX AI Writer and Simplified AI. Have you ever been stuck in between these alternatives? Well, in this article, we bring a long raging debate to an end and help you discover which tool is the best of both choices. 

An Overview of the HIX AI Writer

An Overview of the HIX AI Writer

Arguably one of the best AI-powered writing tools out there, the HIX AI Writer is a cutting-edge software trusted by thousands for their content generation needs. The HIX AI Writer is famous for its comprehensive array of writing templates and implements that allows users to create a broad range of text-based content. 

Favored by SEO professionals, academicians and the average tech user, HIX AI Writer can help in generating product reviews, news articles, academic topics and how-to guides. You can achieve top quality writing results with minimal input. Besides, the tool can surf the web, thereby ensuring you enjoy accurate and up-to-date results across different niche topics.   


You’ll hardly find an AI writer generator as HIX AI Writer form HIX.AI that offers fast, optimal and convenient writing. Here are four of the main features that make HIX a trusted writing copilot. 

Multilingual Capabilities

Users can explore the writing services of HIX AI in up to 50 global languages. This also means you can translate text from one language to another using the AI writer. Complementing these features are over seven tones which ensure that your content addresses your audience specifically. 

Language Model

The HIX Writer is developed using OpenAI’s state-of-the-art GPT-3 and GPT-4 language model. But unlike ChatGPT, HIX can search the web and does not rely only on predefined content. For the newer models, you also enjoy the latest AI advancements such as picture search, voice input and greater computational capacity.  

Full Suite Tools

One of the most impressive features of HIX AI Writer is its versatile range of additional writing tools. Beyond its ArticleGPT which allows only fresh content creation, you have 120+ other writing resources. They include a paraphrasing tool, an article rewriter, grammar checker, and even a slogan generator. 

Interface and Integration

Hoping to use HIX Writer on the go? No problem. You can access the AI tool from your web browser through a Chrome extension. HIX also allows for integration into other Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs and Sheets. It works on these platforms like Notion AI but even better and with more diverse functionality. 


In a world filled with expensive generative AI subscriptions, the HIX Writer offers a breath of fresh air. Here’s what we mean. The tool has four subscription levels, starting with the Free Plan and going all the way up to ultimate. At no cost, you can enjoy access to all of the HIX AI Writer features, with a maximum of 3,000 words per month on GPT-3.5.

There’s the Basic plan which costs $19.99 monthly and allows 300,000 words on GPT-3.5 and 10,000 words on GPT-4. For more words, you can unlock the Pro subscription which goes for $39.99 per month and offers 600,000 words on GPT-3.5 and 20,000 words on GPT-4. 

Finally, the Ultimate Plan gives unlimited words on the GPT-3.5 model and 50,000 words on GPT-4, all for $99.99 monthly. There are also discounts and free trials for new customers. 

Pros and Cons

HIX AI Writer from HIX.AI has its advantages and disadvantages. We outline a few of each below to allow you to make a more informed decision. 


  • The content from HIX Writer is plagiarism free. 
  • HIX has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Affordable subscription options, including a free plan.
  • Web access guaranteeing up-to-date information. 


  • Content may sometimes be repetitive for long-form articles.
  • Academic text may sometimes be inaccurate.

An Overview of Simplified

An Overview of Simplified

While HIX AI Writer offers a more general use case, Simplified is a content generation AI tool that focuses specifically on delivering high-quality copies for marketers. The Simplified AI Writer aims at helping business professionals scale their writing and convert more effectively. 

Despite this niched angle that Simplified brings, it still affords to be resourceful across a broad range of circumstances. For instance, you can use it in crafting social media ads, blog posts, product reviews, landing pages, product descriptions and taglines. 


Like all other generative pre-trained AI tools, Simplified AI Writer has its distinctive characteristics. Below are its most notable content generation features. 

Varied Content Formats

With Simplified, you have access to over 30 languages, more than 10 writing tones and 50+ different marketing templates for your peculiar needs. The tool also allows you to create long form text or rewrite existing content.


Write, edit and schedule content with your team members using Simplified. The AI software can be connected to social media channels,allowing users to directly export their content from Simplified. What’s more? You can plan and collaborate in real-time with coworkers and clients, all from the Simplified app. 

Search Engine Optimization

Simplified comes with pre-installed search engine optimization tools that can help you scale your content and reach larger audiences. The tool also comes with a plagiarism checker and a WordPress plugin that can enable you to upload original, SEO content from your website’s backend. 


The best part about Simplified is that it is generally free. You can enjoy all basic features at no extra cost. However, if you want access to the AI Writer’s collaboration package, you will need to upgrade. This Pro plan costs $18 per month for one person. However, this may go all the way up to $699 monthly for 3 million words and 20 users. 

Pros and Cons

Below are the benefits and demerits of choosing Simplified for your content creation needs. 


  • Available in mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. 
  • Offers collaboration options and social media platform integration. 
  • The app is free but may require occasional paid upgrades for specific tools. 
  • Suitable for marketers and helps optimize content for social media visibility.


  • The tool cannot be used for creating regular articles or academic text.
  • It has a very complicated user interface.

Verdict: Which One is Better?

A lot has been said about both apps. However, in determining which writer is better of the two, you’d have to weigh their different pros and cons against your content needs. For instance, HIX.AI has a more general application while Simplified is specialized. Also, Simplified is cheaper than HIX and allows for collaboration. 

HIX AI Writer also appears to be the best when you consider an aggregate of factors including the number of writing tools available and interface. However, for users who want mobile apps, only Simplified offers that feature. That said, while HIX.AI trumps the other tool on more categories, the best option will largely depend on what you want to write and which AI you find most convenient. 

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