Bronx Parkway River Crash: When And Where Did The Accident Occur? Also Check Complete Information On Incident

This article on the Bronx Parkway River Crash was written to give you brief information about this accident.   

Have you heard about the Bronx River Crash? Are you interested to know more about it? Where did this crash happen? Did someone get injured? People from the United States are willing to find out more information about this crash. Are you one of them? If yes, continue to read this article below. As the current and correct information about this incident will be mentioned in this article. So to get the details on the Bronx Parkway River Crash kindly read this article with your utmost awareness. 


Where did this incident occur? 

The news about the crash has gone viral all over the world. As per the latest information, this incident occurred somewhere in the United States. Many people are shocked and amazed after they heard about this crash. Various questions have arisen in their minds, like what was the cause behind this crash. Who were the people who witnessed this crash? Are they alive or dead? Well, the answers to all such questions will be given ahead. This news has gone viral in no time, it spread like wildfire over the globe.  

About the Parkway River Accident 

According to the Police, traffic was temporarily diverted off the Bronx River Parkway at the 233rd Street exit in the Bronx. This accident involves a motorcyclist who lost control and wrecked merely north of the New York City border. This accident left the motorcyclist dead. It was a pretty destructive accident that caused death. The Westchester County police department confirmed the death, and the police department stated that the motorcyclist lost control and crashed just south of the Yonkers Ave exit. This incident occurred on a Monday afternoon on the Northbound Bronx River. 

Who was the motorcyclist? 

After the Bronx accident, the public is searching for who was the person riding the motorcycle who lost his life.  Well, not all the information has been yet found about who this person was. The details regarding the motorcyclist’s identity are being withheld pending notification of their family. Though, we send condolences to his family and friends. This accident has caused a lot of grief among the people of the United States. Many comments and reviews have been found from the public under the video and posts of the accident which were posted online. 

How did the Bronx Parkway River Crash affect the Bronx Highway?   

Right after the crash, the police advised the public to stay away from an area in the village of Scarsdale off Exit 12 of the Hutchinson River Parkway. This accident happened on 24 April, at 2:45 pm. The traffic around this time is pretty good so after the accident the roads were closed for some time which caused more traffic on the other roads. The Bronx River was built to promote leisure traffic between Westchester County and the Bronx, but the accident caused immense traffic.  The Parkway was created in 1952 after the war. It was created by Hermann Merkel and Gilmore Clarke. 

More about this incident 

As we have read about the Bronx Parkway River Crash above we found that a motorcyclist lost his life in an accident. According to the latest information, the one who was riding the motorcycle was a 20-year-old boy who lost control and crashed. It was not a normal accident it was a very bad accident that has ever occurred on that highway. Right now, not all the details have been mentioned about the accident yet. All we have found is that this boy died at a very young age, and no information was found about his family. 


This accident that occurred on the Bronx Highway has left the public shocked and terrified. The fact that a 20-year-old boy has died has saddened many people. As he died at a very young age. To know more kindly click on this link 

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 Bronx Parkway River Crash FAQs 

Q1. What happened at the Bronx Highway? 

A very bad accident occurred on the Bronx Parkway. 

Q2. When did this accident happen? 

This accident happened on 24 April. 

Q3. What was the time when this accident happened? 

This accident happened around 2:45 pm 

Q4. Did someone die in the accident? 

Yes a 20-year-old boy died in this accident. 

Q5. Who was the boy? 

The identity of the boy has not been found yet. 

Q6. Who were his parents? 

Not found. 

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