Top 2 Rising Currency Scams

The forex market trades in roughly around $7 trillion on any given day, including futures contracts and currency options. The money is floating in the vast ocean of unregulated spot markets traded instantly, over the counter, with no accountability. The forex scam lures victims in by saying that they will earn fortunes in a limited amount of time. The law stopped many forex scams on the track by enforcing severe actions by the 1982 establishment of the self-regulatory National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). But there are always new scams being born.

One of the most famous forex scams in the market is Signal Seller Scam. Managed account companies, pool asset management, retail firms, or individual traders are the ones that sell signals based on fees that vary as per your periodic usage (monthly or weekly). A signal gives Your professional recommendations on the appropriate time to push a purchase or sell order for your currency pair; can help you create wealth. The USP (unique selling point) here is their long experience and trading abilities, adding on testimonials and people talking in person about how great a friend and trader the person is. That person helped them become wealthy or earn money. You have to give them a specific amount of dollars for the same services.

Most signal seller scammers purely collect money from many traders cheat them and disappear. Few traders suggests good trading and then, to help you raise some amount of money. The scam has become a big problem now. Although there are few genuine signal sellers in the market perform genuine trade functions, it pays to be doubtful.

  • “Bot” Scammers in ongoing Market

You can call it an old scam or a new scam, but it always enters le you are sleeping and helps you earn vast wealth. It uses the terminology “bot” because the process is automatic, working on a computer algorithm. Unfortunately, these systems and many others like them are never tested or reviewed formally by any independent source.

The examination of a forex bot includes testing a trading system’s optimization and parameters codes. If the optimization and parameter codes fail, the scheme will generate a rand purchase and sell signals. These unsuspecting trades are nothing but gambling with traders’ money. Although many tested systems are available in the market, a forex trader must conduct extensive research before putting money in these systems.

Other Aspects to Assess

Many training programs sold in the market cost around $5,000 and even more. Many times it can be a scam in itself. However, no trader needs to pay beyond a few $100 because the market is filled with a good system. Always be careful of system sellers who offer programs at very high prices and guarantee extraordinary results. Instead, go after legitimate sellers where the systems are correctly tested to earn a legitimate income.

The other big problem is when funds are amalgamated affordance of your investments. In addition, not segregating makes it easy for retail firms to use an investor’s money in another market to buy cars, planes, and houses, or take away all of their funds. Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA) of 2000, Section 4D refers to the issue of fund segregation; it is not concerned with other nations about separation issues.

One of the most well-known scams is when the broker doesn’t allow money withdrawal from investors’ accounts or there is a problem on the trading platform. For example, you enter or exit a trade during a volatile market or even after an economic announcement. If you cannot withdraw money, warning signs should flash when the trading platform is not functioning based on your liquidity goal. It is a pretty colossal warning sign and a flashy one.


Conduct your due diligence on the forex broker that you’re contemplating. You can also check with the regional authority that the provider is located or operating under, whether they are featured as registered/licensed or not. Many manipulations are done to remove the criminals and old criminals legitimizing the system for various reputable businesses. However, be cautious of new forex scams; the agreement of significant earnings will always attract many proficient fraudsters to this market.

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