Is the Crypto Exchange Legit and Worth Your Time?

When getting started with cryptocurrencies, one of the most important success factors in your journey will be finding a fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. And with the abundance of choices out there, it can be extremely challenging to find the one that is right for you. 

In this article, we review the Godex crypto exchange, one of the rare platforms that allow you to swap almost any cryptocurrency for another one entirely anonymously. To this end, we will give you an honest overview of its features, functionalities, and benefits. 

So, if you want to find out whether Godex is a legit exchange that you can trust with your funds, keep on reading. 

What Is Godex?

Godex is a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on the anonymity of its users. Launched in 2018, it has been growing over the years to become one of the best anonymous crypto swap platforms available. 

One major takeaway in the functioning of this exchange is its privacy approach. In an age where KYC has become more or less mandatory, Godex goes against the current by not requiring any ID documents or other private data prior to using its services. This inherently makes it more secure than other exchanges that keep your personal data on their servers. 

Over the years, data breaches of cryptocurrency exchanges have allowed hackers to access and compromise user credentials, including payment information and personal addresses. With Godex, this is impossible, as the exchange never asks you for your name or any other personal information. This privacy-focused approach is a rarity on the market today, and many users find it very valuable. 

Main Features of Godex

Being more than just an anonymous exchange, Godex provides a wide variety of features for its users. Below is a detailed overview of them. 

Beginner-Friendly Interface

The first thing that you will notice when using Godex is its simple user interface. The user experience has been entirely streamlined to allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies in a couple of clicks. 

What’s more, the exchange doesn’t even require you to create a user account. All you will need to do to proceed with your crypto swap is: 

  1. Choose the tokens or coins you wish to swap using the handy drop-down menus. 
  2. Input the amount you wish to exchange or receive — the other field will be filled out automatically.
  3. Provide the address where you want to receive your crypto. 
  4. Deposit the coins to the unique address generated by Godex. 

And that’s it. No complicated registration procedure, verification, or other red tape obstacles. 

Unlimited Volume 

Another feature that we appreciated was that there was no limit to how many coins we could swap. Some crypto exchanges allow you to exchange a minimal amount of crypto without ID, but once you go above a certain threshold, you need to go through verification. 

This is not the case with Godex, as there are no limits whatsoever, and you can swap as much crypto as you like from the get-go. 

Fixed Rates 

One feature worth noting is the fixed rates that the exchange provides during transactions. Every time you initiate a transaction, the exchange rate is frozen. This way, you don’t fall victim to the volatility of the market. 

In case the price of either cryptocurrency falls or rises while the transaction completes, it won’t impact the amount you receive in your wallet. 

Affiliate Program

And last but not least, there’s the tempting affiliate program. With every friend that signs up, you will get rewarded with up to 0.6% from their transactions. Moreover, you will receive a 0.005 BTC bonus for signup. Please note that if you choose to participate in this program, you will have to provide an email address. This is the only case where Godex will ask you for some of your personal information. 

Is Godex Legit?

We can definitely say that conducting a crypto exchange with Godex is 100% safe. Depending on the tokens and coins used, the exchange time might vary. In general, transactions are complete within 5-30 minutes.  

To support our findings, you can consult the hundreds of reviews of Godex on Trustpilot that give it a rating of over 4.8. Most users praise the exchange’s reliability, large choice of cryptocurrencies, and absence of KYC procedures. 

The only downside we could find is that the exchange does not support fiat currencies, as it is a crypto-only platform. However, the absence of fiat is what allows it to be completely anonymous, so it’s a small price to pay.


All in all, Godex is a great crypto exchange if you don’t need complicated trading interfaces. It’s also one of the only fully anonymous platforms where you can exchange cryptocurrencies with no limit. So, if you are a strictly crypto-to-crypto trader, Godex could be your go-to platform for daily swaps. 

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