Is Royalkart Legit (July) Are You Losing Money Here?

Is Royalkart Legit (July) Are You Losing Money Here? >> Are you a woman who wants to buy the latest fashion clothes online? Read this article to learn about a suspicious website of women’s clothing.

Royal women’s clothing, doesn’t the name itself sound quite regal? In this article, we talk about a website that deals in trendy women’s clothing for all age groups. The website Royalkart showcases eye-catching women’s apparel.

Royalkart is based in India and wants to expand its customer base across the globe. 

But, Is Royalkart Legit? Is it safe to shop at this online store? Let us seek an answer to all this and much more in the course of the following review article.

Is Royalkart a scam?

By getting insight into the following points, we can get a fair idea about Royalkart.

  • Domain age- 20th of November 2020. Only seven months old.
  • Trust index- 3%, very bad trust score.
  • Alexa rank- Not available.
  • Social media presence- None.
  • Website content- Copied from other fraudulent websites.
  • Royalkart Reviews by customers are not seen either online or on their website.
  • Information on the website- Some information seen on the website is contradictory. At one point, the website says that cash-on-delivery is available for INR 5500, but another information says that COD is available for INR 7500 per order.

Therefore, we decided to explore Royalkart in detail through the coming sections. 

What is Royalkart?

Royalkart is an online hub of voguish and attractive women’s wear. The E-store aims to celebrate womanhood and bring the very best fashion at budget-friendly prices. We will also learn about customer review later in this article to verify Is Royalkart Legit.

The collection available on Royalkart is just irresistible. You can choose from dresses, fur jackets, night sets, lingerie sets, track sets, gym wear, skirts, tops, loungewear sets, and much more. The store seems to have an infinite range of clothing that can be extremely alluring to shoppers.

The prices are so cool that it takes quite a nerve to forbid one from buying on Royalkart.

While reading all this, you may want to know that the answer to the question Is Royalkart Legit should be yes. Well, let us find out for ourselves.

Specifications of Royalkart:

  • Product category- Modern women’s clothing.
  • Website URL-
  • Email-
  • Mailing Address- RoyalKart Label LLP, Opposite SKM school, Rampur Road, Haldwani, Uttarakhand- 263139.
  • Contact number- +91 900 99 000.
  • Shipping fee- Not clear.
  • Delivery time- 7 to 14 working days.
  • Exchanges and returns- No returns, exchanges applicable within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Refund Policy- No refunds. 
  • Mode of payment- Online through MasterCard, Visa, Stripe, PayPal, and also cash-on-delivery.

The other facts related to advantages and disadvantages of using this site will help you to solve the query that Is Royalkart Legit or not.

Pros of Royalkart 

  • The store offers a credit note for orders that cannot be fulfilled due to unavailability. This store credit can be used for future online purchases for 13 months.
  • The store also has a cash-on-delivery option for purchases of more than 5500/7500 INR per order.

Cons of Royalkart

  • There are no specific categories of products. The products are displayed quite randomly.
  • The website does not allow any returns but only exchanges.
  • The return shipping cost for exchanges is INR 80.
  • Under the shipping policy, the website talks about the exchange of shoes. However, there are no shoes on display on the website.
  • The products on display have a strikethrough pricing.

Royalkart Reviews by customers: 

There are hardly any reviews of customers for Royalkart. It is also not present on any social media platform. On searching online, one can find several pieces of information that this site is a fraudulent one. 

A customer has written on Quora that the website is very dubious and has advised people to strictly avoid it. Read the post to know more.

The reviewing platform has given Royalkart business a rank of 0.8 on a scale of 100.

Final verdict on Royalkart:

Even though the website showcases some beautiful collections for women, we are sad to conclude that it is a suspicious site. Therefore, shoppers should refrain from buying at Royalkart.

It is pretty obvious that our answer to the question, Is Royalkart Legit, is a big no.

If you have any more information to share about Royalkart, please feel free to do so. It will forbid potential customers from falling victim to this site.

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