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Who is Simon Ateba? Have you heard about him before? What does he do? Why is everyone wants to know about him all of a sudden? Most people from the United States are willing to find out more about Simon. Are you one of them? If yes, continue to read the article ahead, as more information will be available below. To get the details on Simon Ateba Biography kindly read this article with your utmost attention till the very end. 

About Simon Ateba 

Simon Ateba is a journalist who is very famous for his work. He is a Cameroonian journalist. Simon is a correspondent at the White House, for Today News Africa. Where was he born? Simon was born in Cameroon. He is a native speaker of five languages which are French, English, Yoruba, Manguissa, and Ewondo. Simon is very well known for his occupation he has worked for THE NEWS for about nine years in Nigeria. The famous journalist joined the White House and unfortunately was removed on March 3, 2023. The reasons behind his removal will be discussed below. 

Simon Ateba Wikipedia 

Simon has become a hot topic lately. The well-known journalist is going through some controversies which will be discussed ahead. Ateba has been a part of the documentary ” Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers. Ateba was examining the link between religion and money in Nigeria for five years. Ateba worked on many projects since he came into power. As per sources, he was also arrested by the Cameroonian authorities on August 28, 2015, where he was accused of spying for Boko Haram. As read above, the famous journalist was removed from the White House as stated by him on Twitter. As per sources, he claimed that he was discriminated against by Jean- Pierre when he was not called as a White House Secretary for seven months. 

Who Is Simon Ateba? Latest news about him 

As we have read above, Simon is an African journalist. As per online sources, Simon is on bad terms with Jean Pierre, as he was boycotted for seven months in the White House, which was due to Jean Pierre’s according to him. Ateba began admonishing Jean Pierre for not taking enough of his questions. He accused Jean Pierre of making a mockery of his profession, as it has been seven months since he had last been called on to ask a question. 

More on Simon Ateba Biography      

As we have already read above, Simon has created chaos in the White House, and many controversies have been formed due to the arguments that are taking place in the White House. Ateba was found shouting at the press secretary Karine Jean Pierre which affected the decorum of the House, such behavior is unacceptable in The White House. The journalist holds grudges against the secretary as he claimed of discriminating against him. Ateba not only shouted at the secretary but at others as well. Simon Ateba Biography has become the most searched topic since then. 


Ateba the famous African journalist has become viral since the White House incident happened. The news about him has gone viral all over the world. People are searching for him all over the world. To know more kindly click on this link

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Simon Ateba Biography  FAQs 

Q1. Who is Simon Ateba? 

Simon Ateba is an African journalist. 

Q2. Where was he born? 

He was born in Cameroon. 

Q3. When was he removed from the White House. 

He was removed from the White House on March 3, 2023.

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