Actor Sean Lampkin Martin: Who Is He? Does He Committed Suicide in 2023? Checkout Trending Twitter & Reddit Links Here!

This article will help you find details about Actor Sean Lampkin Martin. Get all the personal and professional information about Sean Lampkin.

How did Sean Lampkin die? Who updates the death news on social media? A very popular star Sean Lamplin died on 8 march 2023. He was popularly known as Nipsey, the bar owner from the 1990s movie Martin.

The news broke in the United States Wednesday morning through his best friend and roommate, Marsel Watts. People are constantly asking her about the cause of his death. You can get all the information about Actor Sean Lampkin Martin from this blog.

About the Incident

According to Watts, he was sleeping on his bed on Tuesday night, but unfortunately, due to unknown reasons, he was dead. On Wednesday morning, when she saw him lying on the bed, not responding, she immediately called the emergency and natives. A few moments later, the death news broke on Twitter as well.

His body was sent for examination, but she didn’t enclose any more detail and the cause of his death. Moreover, there is no information available about his family. Many people assume it can be a silent heart attack, but no legit information is available about the cause of his death.

Who Is Lampkin Martin?

Who Is Lampkin Martin

Many people don’t know Lampkin and search for his details on Wikipedia. He is a popular actor known for his role as the owner of a bar from the 1992 series Martin. In that series, he was known as Nipsey Russell. Besides that, he was a part of multiple famous movies like Bad Boys, Big Momma’s house, etc.,

He was 53 years old, born on 19 September 1996 and died on 8 march 2023. You can also check his stats from this table.

Full name

Sean Lampkin
Age 53
Nationality American
Birthplace Los Angeles California
Family Information unavailable
Date of birth 19 September 1969
Education Graduation from California University
Profession Actor
Marital status


Does Lampkin Martin commit suicide?

Lots of people on social media are talking about the cause of death. A few of them also commented that he might have committed suicide due to stress. Lampkin’s fans couldn’t believe he was dead, and they are looking for the Legit report of his death.

Marsel Watts Statements!

Watts posted on her Facebook account on 8 march 2023 regarding Lampkin “he was my roommate for the last 10 years. We were staying together and living like a family. He was my everything: father, brother, and business partner. R.I.P Sean Lampkin.

Social media link

Final verdict

The Martins’ famous character Nipsey, also known as Sean Lampkin, died on 8 march. People are looking for the cause of his death. But according to his friend Marsel, he died due to unknown reasons while sleeping.

Did Lampkin commit suicide? Comment below.

Actor Sean Lampkin Martin: FAQs

Q1. What is Sean Lampkin’s latest movie? 

He was a part of the 2020 movie Bad Boys for life.

Q2. How many children does Sean Lampkin have? 

He has two children, Tysha Lampkin and Antwon NI-C Hall.

Q3. What is the name of Sean Lampkin’s wife?

There is not much information available about his wife.

Q4. What is the age of Lampkin?

He was 53 years old

Q5. What is the public reaction to Reddit?

People share love and condolences with the friends and family of the lesser one.

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