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The incident had explained in the article and Akram’s biography, and readers can learn more about him by reading Akram Boutros Metrohealth.

Do you know? The predicted net worth of Akram Boutros for 2022 has discussed in this article. He is CEO of MetroHealth and American president. He is from the United States. In this article, we’ll talk about Akram’s net worth and the incident that led to his dismissal from MetroHealth. Read this article from beginning to conclusion Akram Boutros Metrohealth.

 Who is Akram Boutros, and why is he accused?

One of Northeast Ohio’s largest healthcare organizations, MetroHealth, has ousted long-time President and CEO Akram Boutros less than two months before his anticipated retirement.

According to MetroHealth Board of Trustees Chair Vanessa Whiting in a statement released to 3News, Boutros’ dismissal came after an inquiry into an alleged case of financial mismanagement. Boutros had been accused of authorizing bonus payments totaling more than $1.9 million to himself over four years starting in 2018 without revealing the costs to the board. According to Whiting, Boutros informed the board in front of the public on November 1—the day following the repayment—that he had personally to the Ohio Investigative Committee.

Net Worth of Akram

Akram Boutros, the CEO of MetroHealth, was going to request more funding from Cuyahoga County Government even before the board of trustees sacked him for allegedly paying himself over $1.9 million in unapproved incentives.

According to papers sent to the council, he requested an extra $7.6 million for the healthcare facility, which was solely utilized to pay for behavioral health and dependency therapies for Cuyahoga Residents who are underinsured or uninsured. The sole administrative authority that has the right to grant the CEO’s pay, including bonuses, and establish quality objectives for the CEO is the MetroHealth council.


Net Worth of Akram

Salary of Akram Boutros

Through his confession, Boutros set up particular measurements, evaluated his performance against those metrics, and authorized the payout to himself of extra incentives totaling more than $1,900,000 throughout 2018 and 2022.

After holding the role of CEO and president since 2013, Boutros declared on November 29, 2021, that he intended to resign at the end of 2022.


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Boutros, who had been in charge of the health service for almost ten years, was let off by the MetroHealth Board of Directors. It was on top of his yearly base salary of around $1 million.

Wife of Akram and his Awards.

Suzanne Boutros, wife of Dr. Akram Boutros, CEO of MetroHealth Medical Center. Until December 5, when the clinic switches to Dr. Airica Steed as its CEO and replacement president, Dr. Nabil Chehade may temporarily fill the CEO’s responsibilities.

Boutros was awarded the Maurice Saltzman Award for 2022 by the Mount Sinai Health Foundation at its yearly meeting on June 8.

He received numerous awards and honors, including the Adler Community Leadership Award. The Humanitarian Award from The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, the Americas 50, From Modern Healthcare, he received most Influential Clinical Executives award, and The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, he received George V. Voinovich Municipal Service Award. Several nonprofit boards are currently under his leadership.


  • Name: Akram Boutros
  • Wife: Suzanne Boutros
  • DOB: Feb 1962
  • Age: 60 years old.
  • Children: three daughters.
  • Designation: CEO and President of MetroHealth
  • Names of Children: Jasmine, Shannon, and Tess

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As per research, since 2013, Akram Boutros, MD, FACHE, has held the positions of CEO of The MetroHealth System and president. Boutros declared in November 2021 that he would leave work at the end of 2022. Gather more details online 

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Akram Boutros Metrohealth- Faq

Q.1 Who is the Wife of Akram?

Suzanne Boutros, wife of Dr. Akram Boutros, CEO of MetroHealth Medical Center

Q.2 What nationality is Akram Boutros?


Q.3 Where is Dr. Akram Boutros, MD’s office located?

Dr. Boutros’s office is 2500 Metrohealth Dr # C-2001, Cleveland, OH 44109.

Q.4 How many children Akram has?

He has three daughters.

Q.5 When was MetroHealth Medical Center founded?

MetroHealth, established in 1837, runs 40 additional sites, including 20 health facilities, four hospitals, and four ERs throughout Cuyahoga County.

Q.6 Who owns Metro Health Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio?

Cuyahoga County

Q.7 What is the Age of Akram Boutros?

He is 60 years old.

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