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What happened to Delano Burkes? When onwards is he missing? Is he returned home? Delano Burkes from Texas, the United States, was missing from November 13th early morning. Who saw him last before he was missing? Continue reading the Delano Burkes Missing Houston article to learn more about where he was missing, the police action taken to find him, and more.


What happened to Delano Burkes?

Delano Burkes went out with his friends, one of whom was driving Delano Burkes’s car. When they were dragged over to a cafe parking place near Bevis. He was roaming 19th and 20th West Roads in the Heights. Delano Burke went to the bathroom next door to McIntyre’s.

He was last caught on CCTV surveillance on Sunday around 1 a.m. One video display shows Delano Burkes leaving McIntyre’s bathroom after he was seemingly requested to leave.

Delano Burkes Missing Houston

The incident was recorded in surrounding all video surveillance. In some other videos, Delano Burkes seems to run and blunder nearby from McIntyre’s. 

Family members Opinion

Delano Burke’s family members say that his friends left him alone. Delano’s mobile phone battery ran out. And also, he didn’t carry any ID with him.

Delano Burke’s mother, Karen Jeffly, states that he was spending time with his friend and was not there for a while. His friends left him alone at the club. Usually, they won’t leave him alone in any circumstance. More about Delano Burkes Missing Houston case is mentioned below.

Delano and his friends are together for a while and watching a fight. In that video, they played a drunk conversation, and we felt like they were involved more in that.

When was Delano Burkes missing?

Delano Burkes was 26 years old and missed from November 13th. His last seen video was captured while leaving McIntyre’s Bar. That was the last time Delano Burkes was seen.

Police and his family started searching for Delano Burkes seen running away from the video of McIntyre’s bar area.


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Delano Burkes’s appearance and identification


Delano Burkes's appearance and identification

Burkes didn’t return to the home on that night. His family complained to the Police department to find him.

Delano Burkes’s mother gave the complete appearance of his son’s identification to the police. She has described his height as 5 feet and 10 inches. And Burkes’s weight is 200 pounds. 

He wore a black and grey checked shirt with buttons and blue pants. Delano Burkes has black hair and brown eyes. 

Delano Burkes Missing Houston – Police investigation

Burkes was 26 years old, and he owned a real estate company. And also he is a keen football player at Texas A&M University. 

The police officer states that they are trying to find out Burkes. The investigation study started from the missing night. Houston police are still investigating all the angles.

Head Police Department Asst. Mr K.J. Deese said the department didn’t get any evidence of toxic material or slipped anything. But the inquiry is happening from that angle also.

He asked to inform the HPDs regarding any clues from the missing person Delano Burkes to the number 832-394-1840.

Delano Burkes Missing Houston‘s disappearance is not normal. His mother suspects that someone has chased him. By seeing the video surveillance, she doubted why he crossed the ditch. Burkes’s friends had his car. His phone is also out of battery, and he has no ID. And he’s not in the hospital or at the police station.

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We conclude that Delano Burkes is missing, and police investigation is continuing to find Delano Burkes. They also asked public support to contact HPD for any clues regarding the Burkes missing case. For more Delano Burkes Missing updateswatch here.

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Delano Burkes Missing Houston: FAQs

Q1. How old is Delano Burkes?

Delano Burkes is 26 years old.

Q2. When was he missed?

He was missed on November 13th 2022 midnight 1 a.m.

Q3. Where was he last seen?

He found in the runway of McIntyre’s bar area.

Q4. What are his height and weight?

He is 5 feet and 10 inches in height and 200 pounds in weight. 

Q5. Which dress was he wearing at the time of missing?

He was wearing a black, and grey checked shirt.

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