Tilikum Dawn Incident Video: Explore Complete Details On Tilikum and Dawn Story, Also Check Tilikum Kills Dawn Autopsy Photos And Report

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Who is Tilikum?

Tilikum is one of the most famous Orcas in the world. It died almost six years ago, and its death anniversary is every year in January. The Orca killed three people, including Dawn Brancheau. Dawn was a SeaWorld trainer who Tilikum killed. She died of drowning in the water when Tilikum pulled her under the water. The Orca was in confinement for 33 years and died in SeaWorld Orlando. Even a documentary called Blackfish depicted Tilikum. People still remember the Tilikum and Dawn Story.

Who Was Dawn Brancheau?

Dawn was a skilled and experienced Orca trainer at SeaWorld. She was feeding Tilikum towards the end of a show called “Dine With Shamu.” She was near the pool rubbing Orca’s head. Then the Orca grabbed and pulled her into the water. It was caught in the film. Those who watched the video said the Orca dragged her by grabbing her shoulder or ponytail. Although Tilikum released Dawn after dragging her into the water, she had already passed away. Even an autopsy report was also released regarding the death of Dawn.

Tilikum Dawn Incident Video  

The video of Tilikum and Dawn became viral, and people watched and shared the video. However, it is not clear what exactly was shown in the video. But, the video was made when a shooting of a show was continuing. Dawn was with Tilikum in knee-deep water and rubbing its head. Then Tilikum attacked by grabbing Dawn and pulling her into the water. Although Tilikum released her later, it was too late. The video gave people goosebumps, and people were shocked to see the video. The autopsy report confirmed the traumatic injuries due to drowning in the water. Tilikum Kills Dawn Autopsy confirmed her spine, ribs and head injuries.

What Was in the Autopsy Report?

The Orange County, Florida Medical Examiner’s office released the autopsy report. The report said that Dawn’s spinal cord was severely injured. Her jawbone also suffered a fracture. Other parts, like ribs and cervical vertebra, suffered injuries. People thought that Dawn died of drowning. But, different parts of her body also suffered injuries. The rescue team could not rescue Dawn immediately due to the aggressive nature of Tilikum. Later, Tilikum was coaxed into a smaller pool, and SeaWorld staff members rescued Dawn’s body. Autopsy Photos revealed everything about her injuries. The autopsy report cleared all the doubts about her death, and people were clear about the reasons for her death. Although the whale killed three people, Dawn’s story became more popular.

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Tilikum was kept under confinement for 33 years. Tilikum died of a lung infection. This dangerous Orca was responsible for three death in his lifetime. But, the reason for his aggressive attitude remained unknown till his death. To know more, please visit the link


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Tilikum Dawn Incident Video-FAQs

Q1. For how many years was Tilikum in confinement?

33 years.

Q2. How did Tilikum die?

Lung infection.

Q3. What was found in Dawn’s autopsy report?

A severe injury in the spine, ribs and jaw.

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