Sam Rader Ashley Madison 2024: Read the information here. 

The article is about Sam Rader Ashley Madison. The Ashley Madison  documentary reveals the experience of  YouTuber Sam  Rader on the website.

Sam Rader Ashley Madison

Have you watched Ashley Madison  documentary? Do you know what Sam has revealed about his experience? Sam Rader Ashley Madison has revealed in the latest Netflix series of Ashley Madison what happened  to him when he used the Ashley Madison website.

 After knowing the story of Sam, several of his fans are curious to know if he and his wife  Nia are still together. The Netflix series which involves the episode of Sam sharing his experience has become popular in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia, and Germany.

 If you are unaware of the  documentary, then this post will help you to understand the whole story.

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Ashley Madison List

Ashley Madison is a website that was launched in 2002. The website was launched for users who are interested in dating online. 

The website  is for those people who are seeking affairs. After a few years of the website’s launch, the information of the registered users got leaked.

 The data of the users who registered  on the website to be involved in affairs was leaked. Related to the incident, a  documentary about Sam Rader Ashley Madison has been released which involves the users who experienced the data hack on the  Ashley Madison website. 

The list of users was also made available online, which also included some famous personalities. The list of Ashley Madison involves Josh  Taekman, Hunter Biden, Sam  Rader, Pastor John Gibson,  Jionni  Lavalle etc. You might have heard these names on television quite often. 

However, famous personalities have sought forgiveness from their families and some of them state that the account does not  belong to them and someone has used their name. However, the breach incident on the Ashley Madison website was several years old. 

Sam and  Nia Divorce

Sam, who is a popular  youtuber, was also a part of this information breach incident on the Ashley Madison website.

 Sam had registered  on the website and in 2015 the data breach news broke out. He found his name on social media in a post related to the data breach of the Ashley Madison website. He immediately told his wife  Nia about whatever happened to him.  Nia revealed that she felt heartbroken and betrayed when Sam told him about the website. 

Sam  Rader Ashley Madison episode was released in the latest documentary by the name Ashley Madison: Lies and Scandal. Sam shared his experience on the show and stated that he didn’t meet anyone he met  on the website.

Are Sam and  Nia still together?

As per the only reports, Sam and  Nia are still together. The couple have not broken up due to the Ashley Madison Website incident.

 Nia forgave him as he did not meet any women in real life. The couple  is still together and usually post pictures with each other on social media. Sam and  Nia have been together for many years. 

They got married when Sam was 24 years old and  Nia was 20 years old. The couple have four children together. The couple became famous when their lip sync video went viral. 


Wrapping up this article here on Sam  Rader Ashley Madison, the documentary about Ashley Madison featuring Sam that has been released recently. 

In the documentary, Sam tells about his experience and tells the Ashley Madison website. You can visit this link to know more details about Ashley Madison documentary

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