Aniwave Down Reddit – Find Solution Your Website Down More Than 24 Hours

Aniwave, the anime website, is currently down. Users follow threads on Aniwave Down Reddit to find a solution and follow the steps listed in the article.

Users are facing a bit of a problem accessing the website. This has prompted netizens to search in depth across different channels and seek help from other users online.

Thus, Aniwave Down Reddit has become a topic of discussion on the platform, which has brought in other users facing similar issues to find a solution Worldwide. In order to know if the site is down or if there is some troubleshooting issue with the server, we performed elaborate research.

The upcoming sections explain whether the site is down and whether there are any troubleshooting solutions to rectify the issue. Stay with us until the end of the article to learn more interesting facts.

Aniwave Down Reddit – What is Aniwave Website?

What is Aniwave Website

For the uninitiated, Aniwave is an anime website. It was previously known as 9anime, but the site rebranded itself as Aniwave. According to investigations, Aniwave is an annual anime convention.

These conventions are held every December in Wilmington, North Carolina. Aniwave is held at the Wilmington Convention Center. According to research, certain netizens are having trouble accessing the website.

Here, we tried to find the reason for Is Down. The site streams anime cartoons online, and users can watch their favourite shows.

In conducting further research, we unveiled more exciting information, which is listed in the paragraphs below.

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Is Down?

The website’s inaccessibility has prompted netizens to search the internet to learn if other users are facing similar issues. Thus, we tried to find out the reason for the issue.

As per the investigation, the site status is showing up, which means that individual troubleshooting may be required to rectify the problem.

Aniwave Alternative Reddit – What is the solution?

Aniwave Alternative Reddit – What is the solution

As several users are facing similar issues of Aniwave Down Reddit, here are a few solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

Follow the steps mentioned in below points:

  • The first step is to ensure your internet cookies are properly cleared
  • To do this, you first need to open the settings section on your browser.
  • Users can also open the preferences section.
  • Once open, search for privacy or see the browser history
  • In this section, you will be able to locate the cookies and cache files
  • Once located, click on clear cache and cookies
  • Choose the correct checkbox and click on precise data.

How to Troubleshoot Aniwave Alternative Reddit Solution?

By refreshing the browser

For this, check if the browser window is still active. Herein, continue to press and hold the CTRL key and press the F5 key, which will prompt a hard refresh.

Clearing DNS cache

For Windows PC

  • Begin with opening the command prompt. For this type “cmd” by going to the Start menu
  • Type “ipconfig/flushdns” and click enter
  • Restart your system

For Apple PC

  • Search for Terminal application through the Spotlight section.
  • Type “killall – HUP mDNSResponder” and click enter.
  • Add the administrator password and press the enter button
  • Restart your computer

By resetting the modem

  • Locate the power button in the router and switch it off
  • After 30 seconds, restart it
  • Once the router is restarted, reboot your computer

Final Conclusion

As discussed on the Aniwave Down Reddit thread, the website can also be accessed by employing an online proxy service. To do this, first search for the term “proxy service” in the search engine.

After this, go on to select a reliable proxy service from the search results. Follow the steps mentioned to access the website you are having trouble accessing. For more information, click.

It is also recommended that the internet speed be checked to ensure the website is loading correctly. We hope the above steps will help you access the Aniwave website properly.

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