Renard Spivey Verdict: Who Is Bailiff Renard Spivey? Check His Latest Update, Also Find Where Is He Now!

This post on Renard Spivey Verdict will tell you about the court’s judgment on Patricia’s murder. So, kindly read this post till the end.

Have you heard of Renard and his wife’s case? If you do not know the details of this crime, today we will disclose all important updates on it. Citizens in the United States want to know the final Renard Spivey Verdict and if he was proven guilty before the majesty.

Kindly stay in touch with us so that we can disclose some important things and what verdict the court has given to him.


Verdict on Renard’s Wife’s Murder

As per the official notice, Renard has been found guilty of killing his wife, Patricia. Deputy Renard Spivey has been charged and jailed. This incident occurred in 2019 when Renard and Patricia were having conflicts over Renard’s infidelity and steroid use. During their fight, they fought over a gun that resulted in Patricia’s murder, and Renard’s left leg was injured.

Where Is Renard Spivey Now?

As per reports, Renard is accused of killing Patricia, so he has been serving his imprisonment in the Harris County Jail.

Complete Details On Renard and Patricia Case!

The couple was having issues in their relationship on several matters. Patricia blamed Renard for having any external marital affairs or for his infidelity. On Sunday at 3:10 a.m., Spivey called 911 and informed them of the complete situation. Renard was wounded as a gunshot was fired at his legs. At the same time, Patricia was found dead in the bedroom’s closet. According to Renard’s brother-in-law, the star of the television shows Bailiff Renard Spivey, and his sister faced problems in their marital life. Even Renard and he had a conversation thrice before this incident.

The suspect, Spivey, was known for performing Bailiff in the popular Television Court show. He even claimed that Patricia had accidentally shot him in the leg. But, now justice has been served.


Summing up this post, we have shared details of the incident in 2019. Renard has been found guilty of killing his wife, Patricia. However, there is no latest update, as all the updates on online sources belong to 2019. Moreover, we will tell the readers if there is any Renard Spivey Update.

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